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ATV gun holder

Hunting is an all too common and all too fun sport. People who are into the challenge of the outdoors and the thrill of the hunt would surely love hunting as a sport. Hunting is primarily a sport of endurance. As a hunter, you must endure the challenges of traversing the wilderness to find the good game, and then you must endure the chase before taking the final shot at the prize. For the same reasons that made hunting fun, more people are starting to take notice and begin their own journey into the sport.

Not everyone has the ability that would rival the special forces and so had sought to make the endurance part of hunting more enjoyable. Enter the ATVs, with the ATVs even the novice can chase good game hundreds of miles into the wilderness without thinking much about weight. ATVs have made it possible to carry equipment, chase, and carry game back. Before the ATV people would think twice about carrying their weapon of choice, rations, and sleeping equipment.

ATVs have also another purpose, which serves the key to a good hunt – ATVs carry your weapons. Many hunters recommend especially the ATV gun holder as the main accessory to purchase if you intend to use the ATV for hunting. While bows with their futuristic materials are exceptionally light and would not take much to carry around, guns are a different thing. For one thing, guns are much heavier than a bow. 

Ammunition is not cheap either on guns. A hunter can carry a ludicrous number of arrows but carrying .308 ammunition is a different story, one can only carry so much. Aside from carrying such tremendous loads, hunters are required to be able to point and shoot at the moment an opportunity presents itself. Hunters before the ATV were able to carry a gun, ammunition, and rations, and still be able to get a good game but it requires so much effort. But the ATV together with the ATV gun holder sure makes hunting way easier.

ATV gun holders are simply holders. The accessory allows your ATV to carry your guns safely in your ATV. People tend to buy an ATV and sling their weapons using a do-it-yourself approach. While strings and latches can get your guns snug to the ATV, it is not the best or the most efficient. Gun holders excel in an area that DIY strings do not –accessibility. Gun holders are created to store securely the gun and, at a moment’s notice, be able to deploy the gun for the use of the hunter, you may also be interested in a gun rack.

People tend to carry their guns at the back of the ATV while gun holders allow for the gun to be carried at the front of the vehicle. Storing the gun at the front gives proper ergonomics for a fast draw and use.

There is much more to love about ATV gun holders. While most models are like clamps, some innovations to the system may include a cradle-mount hybrid that would allow for a stable shooting position. Whatever the innovation may be, ATV gun holders are a surefire way to make hunting a wonderful experience.

Updated on March 7, 2023

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