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An ATV receiver hitch adds functionality to your ATV. Attached to the vehicle’s rear or front, this device is designed for attaching different ATV equipment and accessories. Connecting a trailer is its most common use.

Guide for the perfect ATV receiver hitch

A receiver hitch may have a tow ball, tow hook, tow pin, pintle, or a combination of these. Some hitches also have multiple tow balls. Obviously, the ones used for ATVs are smaller and lighter than those for cars, trucks, and tractors.

ATV receiver hitches that have a combination of tow ball and hook are the most versatile. In terms of security though, pintle beats out the rest. Pintle with tow ball offers both versatility and security. However, expect these types to be more expensive than simpler ones.

Most ATV receiver hitches have a straightforward design. As such, connecting equipment to it isn’t that hard. The challenge is to secure the attachment. 

As a mere tow ball or tow hook doesn’t have a lock, the connected equipment may shift and get detached. This is less likely to happen if you’re only driving your quad bike on mostly or completely flat surfaces. 

The tow pin may be the least sturdy of the different hitches. It may get bent or broken if your ATV drags something beyond its towing capacity. Without a chain, you may misplace it. However, it’s among the easiest to use. 


All-terrain vehicles have varying towing capacities. If you’ll use yours for moving multiple, heavy, and/or bulky objects, make sure you weigh on the said factor before buying a hitch and trailer. 

Some hitch manufacturers offer installation services. These services are helpful for those with limited skills, tools, and/or time.

In case you like to install an ATV receiver hitch on your own, you should ensure that your supplier provides a manual. Aside from a written guide, it’s also ideal that they have installation video guides on YouTube or on their respective websites.

Durability is another factor you should consider when choosing an ATV hitch. While lighter than hitches for bigger vehicles, you should still avoid buying lightweight ones. Otherwise, it may get easily broken when you attach heavy equipment and drag it using your ATV. 

How are receiver hitches used with ATVs?

With an ATV hitch and a trailer, you can move things. With a passenger trailer or a pet carrier, you can also transport people and animals respectively. You may only bring one up to four people though.

An ATV hitch is also helpful in doing gardening chores. You can use it for moving gardening equipment, supplies, and plants. Instead of a trailer, you can also link an ATV cultivator specifically made for ATVs.

If you have a small to medium-sized farm, you may even attach a small harvester to it. The harvester may be on the front or rear of the quad bike. 

When installed on the ATV’s front, you can link a snowplow to it. With it, you can clear your snow-filled driveway and yard in less time. 


An ATV receiver hitch is a useful tool as long as it suits your needs and your quad bike’s capacity. Refer to your ATV manufacturer’s website or representative to know the capacity of your vehicle.  

Updated on December 29, 2022

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