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Physical fitness is taken very seriously nowadays. The fact that 30% of Americans are obese and cardiovascular diseases are among the most vicious killers worldwide, people have started to consider taking on a sport. Lucky for us, there is a multitude of solutions, from going to the gym to working out at home.

But have you ever considered some agility ladder training? If not, you should, and be sure to get the best agility ladder. It has tremendous benefits for your body. You may have heard about it because football players use it in their practice, but you can use it just as well. There are lots of studies to suggest that agility training is of enormous help with your physical fitness, but curious enough, it can also have a positive impact on your cognitive performance.

The benefits of using an agility ladder

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If you think that an agility ladder is a simple rope with sticks on it, you would be right, but only technically. It can have multiple benefits for your body and mind, which is why many people start using them in their training. Here are a few of the most significant advantages of agility training.

Portable and inexpensive

An agility ladder weighs roughly a pound and a half. You can put it in your backpack, and some models come with their own carry-on bags. The point is that you will not have problems carrying it around. At the same time, most models cost less than $15, so you have no excuse to not buy one.

Great for weight loss

Maybe you do not know this, but agility training is considered HIIT training (high-intensity interval training,) which is fantastic for people who want to lose some weight. Since it is high intensity, it will burn the same amount of calories as running (for example) in a shorter amount of time. Also, since the range of motion is small, there is no high pressure on your joints. Moreover, agility training is a real challenge for your coordination. The main thing to keep in mind here is that an agility ladder can help you with your cardio exercise.

Will lower the risk of injury

When you use an agility ladder, the speed with which you move will increase the more you use it. As a result, your joints, tendons, and ligaments will become stronger. In the process, your strength and resilience will improve as well, and your tissue will grow more flexible. All that leads to a lower rate of injury in your lower body. As you can see, an agility ladder can lead to many good things and more reasons to use one.

Not boring

Face it! It is not as boring as any other form of cardio – we all know the drill. We hop on the treadmill or go running on a trail. Or maybe you use other forms of cardio. However, an agility ladder is way more fun. Sure, there is some frustration at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will have a lot of fun using it. Agility training is a lot of things, but boring is not one of them.

Improve your body awareness and movement skill

You will improve your body awareness and movement skill – this is usually something highly beneficial for elite athletes, but there is no reason you cannot use it as well. Your rate of force will enhance, and your muscles will contract faster. You will have more control over your body, and your response time will decrease considerably. Your dynamic balance has never been as good, and as time goes by, even when you get older, your coordination will be close to perfect.

Improve cognitive performance

An agility ladder can improve cognitive performance – you may wonder how we reached the brain, but you would be surprised. All your movements are dictated by the brain, and an agility ladder will help you train your mind as well as your body. When using such a product, you engage learning capabilities, balance, focus, and coordination. All of those will work together during your agility training, which is why it is so good for you.

You will become fast – this is self-explanatory, but an agility ladder will teach you how to move those legs. You should compare the first time you use one, and the time after a few months. Use a timer, and you will see just how fast you can be.

How to choose the best agility ladder?

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If you do your homework, you will find that you can build your own agility ladder at home. You do not need much; if you are a regular DIYer, you will have the required skill. However, if DIY projects are not your thing, an agility ladder is very cheap. Here is what aspects matter the most when you look for the best one.

Number of rungs

I used to believe that size matters, as in length. I was wrong, of course, and it seems that the number of rungs is what matters. The ladder will have pretty much the same length as any other (not always the case,) but the more rungs it has, the smaller the space between the rungs is. If you are a beginner, I recommend an 8-rung agility ladder. It will give you the space to get the hang of it. When you master the 8-rung, you can move on to a higher number. Once you do that, you can pat yourself on the back.


You will not be engaging with the ladder itself, but think about how many times you will step on it when you first use it. That is why it needs to be resilient. Of course, if you use it outdoors (which many people do,) then a sturdy construction is a must.


Some agility ladders can be adjusted as you can increase or decrease the space between rungs. They are a little bit more expensive than the non-adjustable models, but in the long run, you save some cash. That is because you will not have to buy a new one once you reach a higher level.

Ground attachment – most people use an agility ladder outdoors, which is what you should do as well. While it is not entirely necessary, a system that will keep the ladder steady is helpful. Some have pins that you can stick on soft ground. As I said, it is not necessary, but it comes in handy at times.

What are the best agility ladders?

Looking for the best agility ladder for you? It should be simple. Just check the features above off the list, and you should be able to make a smart decision. You can also read some agility ladder reviews online to see what other people bought and liked. If you do not want to do that, you can choose one of the three models below. They are excellent choices, and the online reviews are positive. 

Ohuhu Agility Ladder with Carry Bag

Ohuhu Agility Ladder with Carry Bag

You probably heard about Ohuhu. It is a sports equipment manufacturer that provides good gear for sports enthusiasts. As it happens, it also offers one of the best agility ladders you will find online. It has been and still is a best-seller, which is why you should consider buying it. It is a 1.4 pounds agility ladder that comes with all the benefits mentioned above. You have the speed and the quality, which are the most important things you should look at.

As for features, the Ohuhu agility ladder is made of high-quality polypropylene. As a result, this product will resist the rain, sun, or whatever nature may throw at it. You will be able to train with it for years. The color may fade after a few years if the ladder is left in the sun for too long, but the functionality will remain the same. It is simple to set up. All you need is to unravel the straps and the rungs, and you are ready to go.

As for the rungs, there are 12 of them, which should be enough for a lap. The rungs are 15 inches apart, and the overall length of the agility ladder reaches 19 feet, but one of the cool things about it is that you can adjust the rungs and move them as you see fit. The Ohuhu agility ladder comes with a carrying bag for easy transport and storage so that you can train wherever you wish. The point is that the agility ladder from Ohuhu should satisfy your needs whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur.

Check the product at

GHB Pro Agility Ladder

GHB Pro Agility Ladder

If you do not like the agility ladder from Ohuhu, you can choose the one manufactured by GHB. It has been designed to improve your speed through accelerated foot strike and lift frequency. The people from GHB are bragging that their agility ladder is the one tool that can torch calories big time.

As for the number of rungs, this product has the same amount of rungs as the previous one. The 12 rungs are made of highly durable plastic that should resist the elements. However, since it is plastic we are talking about, you should make sure that you do not leave them in the sun for too long. The scorching heat may modify the ladder’s shape, and you do not want that to happen.

The length of the agility ladder from GHB measures 20 feet, and the distance between the rungs is 15 inches. One rung measures 17 inches, so there is plenty of space for you to move. You should be very comfortable using it. Just like the previous product, this one comes with a carry bag for easy portability and safe storage.

Check the product at

Yes4All Speed Agility Ladder with Carrying Bag

If you want to order this product, you should know that you have a choice between the 8-rung, 12-rung, and 20-rung agility ladder, depending on your level of skill. For the sake of reviewing one, I chose the 20-rung agility ladder because we have already discussed smaller products.

The rungs are adjustable. The maximum setting is set at 15 inches apart, but it is more than enough. If you feel like testing yourself, you can set the distance between rungs to be smaller. Your choice. Just like the previous two products, the Yes4All agility ladder comes with a carrying bag for convenient transport and storage. 

The 20-rung agility ladder from Yes4All measures 25 feet in length, which we can agree requires a high level of skill. This is for the more advanced users. The ladder is constructed of nylon, and the rungs are made of durable plastic. It would help if you did not worry about it breaking anytime soon. 

Check the product at

My recommendation

I personally love a good agility ladder, the first saw one when I watched a soccer training a few years back. I think they are underestimated, and more people should use them. Especially since it is so easy to set up and use at home. As for my personal favorite of the three products I discussed, I would go with the Yes4All Speed Agility Ladder with Carrying Bag. It is long enough, and adjustable, and it should satisfy the needs of both advanced users and beginners. In my opinion, this is one of the best agility ladders in this price range.


It does not matter how you choose to work out. As long as you are aware that some exercise is needed, you can choose whatever strategy you want. However, for all of you who do not have time to go to a gym due to a busy life, an agility ladder is ideal. You can use it whenever you want in your backyard or your living room (if it is big enough.) One of the products above should be good for anyone, so you can pick whichever you wish.


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Updated on March 13, 2023