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A basket rack has become a must-have attachment for ATVs. It is an accessory for convenience, designed to carry and haul materials, tools, or supplies from one place to another. Mainly used for carrying farm tools and supplies, other household items, or other kinds of cargo. In our quest to find the best ATV-attached basket rack, we’ve tested and reviewed the following 4 models.

Black Widow ATVRB-3922 ATV Rear Rack-Mounted Steel Mesh Surface Cargo Storage Basket

Black Widow ATVRB-3922 ATV Rear Rack-Mounted Steel Mesh Surface Cargo Storage Basket

There can be no debate regarding Black Widow built quality! As we know from other products created by them, the quality is top-notch. This ATV rear basket is no exception.

The basket is built using durable steel with mesh, beautifully finished with a protective layer of black paint. The black color is successfully protecting the metal from rust and other elements that might damage the basket.

Attaching the basket rack is done by using the hardware included in the package by the manufacturer. On average, should take 10 minutes maximum to install it. Unfortunately, it can only be attached to the back of an ATV, but the basket does not lose any practicality. At 22 inches by 39 inches, you can fit lots of stuff inside the basket, including any hunting gear you may carry.

Because of the mesh design for the sides and bottom of the rack, you can use a strap to extra secure the items stored inside.

This basket is a universal solution, designed to work on any ATV on the market.

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Kolpin ATV Flat Rack – 53400, Black, One Size

Kolpin’s flat rack is a more premium option for people who are willing to spend a little more for better quality.

There is no better quality rack than this one made by Kolpin. Anyone who owned a Kolpin attachment can attest to the high quality and durability of their products. This ATV flat rack is exactly that.

Featuring a flat design to increase the rack space, this basket can be installed in the front or rear of the ATV. All hardware necessary to install it is included in the package. While this model is a universal fit and can be mounted on any ATV, be sure to check on your particular model.

Overall this basket rack is an addition to any ATV. It can be used to transport all sizes of items, both small and large.

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CURT 18101 41″ x 26″ x 6-1/4″ Universal ATV Cargo Carrier

You may not know, but CURT is a huge brand, UWS is one of the brands under the CURT Group. As UWS toolboxes are built with high standards, this rack is no exception.

Designed to extend the cargo space of your ATV, it can be a useful accessory to any ATV owner. With a height of 6 inches, you can be sure that even taller items will fit perfectly inside. For extra security, you can fasten it using a cargo net.

Cleaning it is simple, as it’s built using mesh bottom and sides, hosing it will remove any dirt and debris. Some users use it even to carry firewood.

The attachment is universal. The brackets fit all ATVs on the market without any modifications.

It is incredibly durable as it’s constructed from tubular steel. Being built from tubular steel makes the rack lightweight.

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Goplus Universal ATV Front Cargo Basket Rack Luggage Carrier Steel Mesh Surface

Goplus Universal ATV Front Cargo Basket Rack Luggage Carrier Steel Mesh Surface

A lightweight ATV basket rack, constructed using heavy-duty steel, which makes it extra strong and durable. Thanks to its black finish, you can be assured that it will not rust even if left in the rain or snow.

What makes this basket rack, so lightweight is the smart design, only the frame is built using steel, and the rest is created using a mesh design which results in an easy-to-clean and transport basket rack.

Installation takes minutes as the box is fully assembled in the package, and the brackets will fit any ATV model and year.

We prefer a back basket as in the front, it may block the view, but that depends on what you usually carry.

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Guide Gear ATV Front Basket

And the number 4 on our best ATV basket rack is the model from Guide Gear. This rack is installed on the front of the ATV.

The space it features is generous, and like the competitors, it’s built from steel and features a mesh design for easy cleaning.

At 6.25 inches in height is currently the tallest basket rack available for sale, so it would be the perfect fit if you plan on carrying tall objects.

Because of its generous space, an ATV gun rack can be mounted on the basket.

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Titan Universal ATV Rear Storage Rack, Steel Cargo Basket Carrier

Titan Universal ATV Rear Storage Rack, Steel Cargo Basket Carrier

Titan Attachments released only recently this universal rear basket. At first glance, it looks like a great cargo attachment and seems durable.

Being cheaper than other models you would expect the quality to be less but the ARFR2030 model will satisfy most of the clients.

Before ordering one, keep in mind that this rack is relatively lightweight. The frame is built from steel and the sides and bottom is made from metallic mesh. Cleaning the rack can be easily done with a water hose.

Installing it is simple, the manufacturer included all the hardware and bolts necessary.

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Best ATV Baskets Guide

ATV basket racks can be installed in the front or rear part of the ATV. Furthermore, a basket rack is generally customized as to what kind or brand the ATV is. However, there are those that are universal and can fit in all ATVs with front or rear tubular racks, composite racks, or both.

There are different designs of an ATV basket rack depending on the preference of the user as well as what cargo will be carried and transferred. It comes in different sizes, styles, lengths, widths, heights, shapes, and capacities. 

ATV basket manufacturers have created different designs that can be utilized for whatever kind of cargo. And, depending on the design of the basket rack, it can transport different sizes and weights of materials or cargo. The length, width, and height of the basket rack dictate the kinds of items that can fit in it. 

Moreover, ATV basket racks, depending on the design, have their advantages and disadvantages. Some advantages are that it holds the items securely, it is durable and sturdy, it can carry heavy loads, it is easy to install, heavy-duty steel construction, and others. On the other hand, some of the listed disadvantages are that the paint on it rusts easily, installation parts are not useful, and maybe a bit heavy.

ATV basket racks may also have gates. The gates are usually incorporated in basket racks that are larger in size and can carry heavier loads. They are used for sliding the items out of the basket and it minimizes lifting.

For carrying more items or gear, some basket racks are styled with compartments. With this design, the items can be securely and neatly piled or arranged in the basket. More items can also be carried and will minimize the possibility of going back and forth to transport the items.

Flat baskets are also used when carrying smaller and lightweight items. The materials can be easily viewed as they cannot fully cover or conceal the loads because of their design. This is convenient for everyday errands or use. 

In addition, some ATV basket racks are designed with mesh wider than the usual design. It is an expanded construction and is advantageous as it allows air to flow and freely lets water and dust particles out from the basket. It is beneficial for camping, hunting, or farming.


ATV basket racks have really proven their benefits and practicality. These racks are also helpful in that they come in different designs and styles which expands their use and purpose. Whether it be for household errands, farming, hunting, camping, or other activities and works, it is always favorable to check and be certain of what basket rack is needed and compatible with the ATV it will be mounted to. 

Updated on March 7, 2023