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ATV Battery Charger Maintainer Guide

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) have become one of the most sought-after recreational vehicles for fans of outdoor activities. However, ATV batteries are easily drained compared to those of a normal car. Finding the best ATV battery maintainer is essential to the task of keeping these machines up and running. 

Most of the time, ATVs are enjoyed by people who engage in outdoor sports or those in remote places. Thus, sources of electricity might be scarce. This is where an ATV battery maintainer comes in, to keep these machines running uninterrupted. Operating these machines is easier because ATV batteries use DC. 

What needs to be cleared up, however, is the difference between a battery charger and a battery maintainer. One thing that may help people differentiate between the two is that a battery charger constantly supplies the battery with power. It does not take into account if the battery is already at full charge. This may cause overcharging, which in some cases, may cause damage to the battery or even fire.

Meanwhile, if you’ve picked the best ATV battery maintainer, the charger senses the amount of power that a battery needs. It delivers a slow, trickle charge to the battery over an extended period of time (several hours). Once it senses that the battery is at full charge, it stops providing electric power to the battery. This avoids the problem of overcharging, which is a concern of many ATV owners. Not only will this extend the life of the battery. It also promotes better safety due to the lack of hazards.

ATV battery maintainers just need to be plugged into a wall socket. Once plugged in, it converts direct current (DC) into a trickle charge that becomes the fuel the battery needs to continue being operational. This trickle charge should be able to avoid self-discharge, which occurs when machines drain a battery of its power. However, it is just enough to not overcharge it. 

Using a battery maintainer allows the extension of shelf life. That means longer hours of usage, and saving money by not having to replace the battery as much because of the lack of damage. If proper maintenance is practiced, AV batteries can last up to half a decade. This is much better than having to replace them in less than two years, which is the usual life span of these AV batteries.

It is obvious that the biggest advantage of having a battery maintainer is that their use will not overcharge the battery. This makes them ideal for users who like to keep their vehicle’s batteries charging while in storage. This practice usually causes batteries left connected to a charger for long periods of time, which will lead to overcharging. However, leaving a battery maintainer plugged in poses no threat because of its convenient feature of stopping the delivery of power once the battery is fully charged. 

For people who enjoy the thrill and rush of adrenaline that comes with ATVs, it is important that they continue to be up and running. This cannot happen without a durable battery, which is sure to be possible when proper maintenance and care happen. With an ATV battery maintainer, money and time are saved, all while having longer hours of battery life.

Best ATV Battery Maintainer

NOCO GENIUS1, 1-Amp Fully-Automatic Smart Charger, 6V And 12V Battery Charger, Battery Maintainer, And Battery Desulfator With Temperature Compensation

This charger is the latest model from Noco. The old model G750 was good, but this one comes with new features and a better price.

The differences between the old and the new model could not be more visible, and the newer model is more powerful by 35%. As a direct correlation, its size of it decreased by 35%. I don’t understand how they managed to make it more powerful but smaller, good job for Noco.

Noco Genius1 can accomplish four separate functions, as it can replace a charger, maintainer, trickle charger, and battery desulfator.

Designed to work with 6V and 12V, no matter if they are lithium-ion or AGM, it works with all types of batteries.

The precision of this charger is mind-blowing due to the thermal sensor that can detect the ambient temperature and schedules the charging according to it to prevent over-charging or under-charging.

It can charge batteries that are completely drained and restore them to their full potential.

12V/6V Car Battery Charger Maintainer with Automatic Portable Battery 3-Steps Charging Trickle Float Deep Cycle Charging for Cars, Motorcycles, ATVs AGM Gel cell Lead Acid Batteries (5A)

This battery maintainer is a nice piece of technology. It comes with lots of protection systems designed to protect and charge a battery safely.

It can maintain the charge for 6V but also for 12V. This makes it usable for all types of batteries, from motorcycles to car batteries, and let’s not forget that it works excellently with ATV batteries also.

It can automatically detect the voltage and the amps of the battery so you can rest assured that it will not ruin the battery by overcharging it. It can charge batteries for up to 200Ah.

It features multiple LEDs on the charger that display information like the charging progress or if a battery is faulty.

Battery protection is the most critical design feature of this model. The maintainer has multiple systems that prevent overvoltage, reverse polarity, short circuits, overcurrent, overheating, and low-voltage.

Overall, this battery maintainer is great for your ATV battery.

BatteryMINDer 2012: 12 Volt-2 Amp Battery Charger, Battery Maintainer, and Battery Desulfator – Designed for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATV, Boats, RV

One of the few ATV battery maintainers capable of charging so many batteries at once. BatteryMiNDER can charge six batteries at once, making it great if you own multiple batteries and plan to correct the voltage on them at once.

It comes with all the security features that become a standard in the industry, like overcharging and so on. As an extra, it comes with an ambient sensor that stops charging the batteries if they overheat. 

Keep in mind that the charger works only with 12V batteries. 

The manufacturer included a soft start charging system designed to prevent the battery from short circuits.

Having an excellent ATV battery does not mean it’s going to be able to support all the electrical needs your ATV has if you have attached a snowblower or a light bar then the stress on the battery increases.

That’s where a battery maintainer comes in. It can help prolong the life of your battery by sending impulses to correct the voltage. 

To help with the difficult task of finding the best ATV battery maintainer, we’ve tested several models and ranked them according to price, quality, and online reviews.