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O’Neal Men’s New Logo Rider Boot

O’Neal is a well-established brand when it comes to offroad protective gear. They have a 40 years tradition when it comes to offroad appeal.

While their boots offer the best comfort and quality, they also protect against a vast range of injuries.

The plates are made using injection-molded plastic and protect against powerful impacts that can happen. To prevent the boot from deforming, they’ve inserted a metal shank to reinforce the shape of the boot and add extra support.

To protect against delaminating, they’ve added a metal toe guard to protect the sole. The grip of the sole is excellent, and the boots are suitable for any ATV riding activities.

The boots feature a secure four-buckle closure system, called Snap-Lock, making them completely waterproof.

Fly Racing 2020 Maverik Boots for Motocross

Coming in 4 different colors, this model is an excellent choice as it offers good overall protection.

Not designed for ATVs, but for motocross, they can still be used for all offroad sports.

When using them for the first time, they can appear to be a little stiff. You need to break them, as you would do with a new pair of shoes.

This pair of boots is a durable one as it is double-stitched to add extra durability. The straps can be replaced in case they get damaged and are fully adjustable, allowing for a snug fit for almost any person.

If you plan on using them with thicker socks, then you should order a bigger size as they are true to size.

Overall, you get a decent pair of offroad boots for a low price. They are as good as more premium models.

Joe Rocket 1377-0010 Ballistic Touring Men’s Boots

The double stitches and waterproof boots make these boots perfect for off-road activities. You don’t have to worry about the size as customers report them as the right size.

The main selling point of them is their affordability, Joe Rocket’s boots being one of the best compromises between quality and price. Regarding the quality, don’t worry, they are really good build but not as unique as more expensive models.

They are sturdy, thick, and well-insulated, and can be used even in the winter. Being so insulated, we recommend them only for colder climate activities, and they can overheat in the summer. Clients reported that they use them even for motorcycle touring.

Riding boots are the most overlooked protective gear by ATV enthusiasts. While most of us know about helmets and basic safety, we don’t give a second thought to boots. They are an essential item that each rider should own. While they provide leg protection, they are also useful when trailing or riding in mud conditions.

To find the best ATV boots for riding, we’ve tested several models to get the best for the money.

Best ATV Boots for Offroad Guide

Basic features to look for

Also called quad bike boots, they’re usually mid-calf to over-the-knee foot gear. The majority of them don’t have laces. Instead, they’re secured using buckles. In general, they’re thicker than regular boots due to the additional padding on the calf area.

Uses for offroad boots

Whether you’re a racer or not, you should sport the said footwear for your off-road driving. Aside from riding ATVs, you can also put this on before you get on a motorcycle. 

Risks of accidents are high in off-road driving. You may slip off your quad bike or motorcycle. Your bike may also crash due to uneven terrain. Quad bike boots help curb such risks, thanks to their slip-proof soles. 

The boots’ padding provides comfort whether you’re kicking your bike’s gear or resting your feet. They also make it easy to walk on rough roads.

ATV boots usually have at least three buckles on each shoe. One secures the bridge. The other two are on the ankle and mid-calf. Obviously, knee-high and over-the-knee boots have more buckles.

Factors to consider when buying ATV boots

When shopping for quad bike boots, the first thing you have to consider is your shoe size. No matter how great your footwear is, if it doesn’t fit snugly and comfortably, you’ll only end up with soreness. Additionally, wearing bigger shoes may cause you to slip when riding. 

Another factor you have to consider is security. Keep in mind that Velcro strips won’t secure well and won’t last long. You should always pick boots with buckles made from stainless steel, aluminum, or durable plastic. These buckles are usually adjustable as well.

Pads can make you feel comfy, but they can make your lower limbs feel sticky. As such, you should have a pair that have breathable features. 

Replaceable insoles are also something you should look for. These make it easier to clean your pair after a day of driving off-track.

What boots not to buy

Don’t buy work boots for your off-road adventures. They’re less expensive and more readily available. However, they’re neither safe nor comfortable to wear for driving off-track. The shoelaces alone may get entangled with the bike’s gears, and put you at risk of hurting your feet.

While they’re inexpensive, secondhand quad bike boots aren’t recommended as well. A pair that’s worn only once or twice may still be good. However, sellers may not be telling the truth when they’re saying that their shoes were just slightly used. You may not know if the shoes have been worn out and were only repaired. 

You can always buy quad bike boots worth $100 or lower. Don’t expect quality and durability with it though. Because of this, you should avoid getting cheap off-road driving boots. 

If you’re really into off-road driving, consider a pair that’s priced at at least $200. You’ll get at least a sturdy pair fit for beginners.

You can buy your ATV boots alongside your riding pants, shirts, and jackets at once. Don’t forget your helmet and gloves. 

Updated on March 7, 2023