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For me, vision is essential. I’ve often thought about security measures to prevent damaging it while off-road. The eyes are a really fragile part of the human body, and a small twig is enough to perforate them. The fear of something happening to my sight made me consider that I need some offroading glasses while I ride my ATV. From my experience, I’ve compiled this list with the best ATV goggles you can buy right now from sites like Amazon.

Best ATV Goggles Reviews

Fox Racing 2019 Main Goggles Race Black – Clear Lens

In our best ATV goggles list, Fox Racing Goggles occupies position number one. These goggles are a great entry-level model. For the listed price, they are a bargain. 

The lens offers 100% protection against UV lights. They are clear, in our tests, we did not succeed in fogging them. No matter if it rains or snows, these goggles are what you need. More than a reasonable price for high-quality glasses. They can be used for any outdoor sport, even for skiing. 

Fox goggles can be fitted directly inside the helmet, or you could even use them without one. We strongly recommend using a dedicated ATV helmet for your protection.

ENKEEO Motorcycle Goggles ATV Dirt Bike Off Road Racing MX Goggle Anti-Scratch Dust Proof Bendable Eyewear with Padded Soft Foam, Adjustable Strap for Adults’ Cycling Motocross Skiing

Enkeeo’s goggles are really comfortable to wear. The foam is elastic enough and it does not produce discomfort even after extended use. As a bonus, it’s hypoallergenic so you don’t have to worry about any side effects for allergic persons.

The strap can be easily adjusted and it remains in its position as it’s made from non-slip plastic.

The lens is really high-quality, and fully transparent. They are promoted as non-shattering and from what we were able to see, it seems they are.

These goggles were designed with safety in mind, one of the details that separated this model from the competition is the bending frame of the goggles. Theoretically, no matter how hard the impact, the frame, and the lens should not shatter, in the worst case, only the frame is gonna bend.

Because of the smart design of the goggles, they will not fog and will provide enough ventilation so rest assured that no moisture will block your vision.

JAMIEWIN Adult Motorcycle Motocross Goggles ATV Racing Goggles Dirt Bike Mx Goggle Glasses and Ski Snowborading(12 Color)

As you’ve probably read in the title, this model comes with over 12 colors and patterns. The variety of colors and patterns makes this model suited for any gender or age. These goggles can be used even for adolescents as the fitting strap is easily adjustable and does work as intended.

The lens is tinted to protect against sunlight, UV rays, and anything that has a big luminosity and may block your visibility. You can select your own color to match your style. The goggles are quite comfortable as the padding is made from a breathable foam that is soft and is a perfect fit.

The exterior frame of the goggles is made from hard abs, capable of resisting any kind of shock.

Keep in mind that these goggles are entry motocross goggles that can be used for skiing and ATV riding. The anti-fog technology is not as great as a professional pair but that also is reflected in the price.

Typhoon Motocross Goggles Dirt Bike ATV Goggles Motorcycle Off Road Unisex Adult and Youth – Purple w/Clear Lens

Most outdoor sports goggles are in most cases interchangeable. A pair of Dirt Bike goggles can be used for ATV trailing or skiing, as long as they offer protection against shocks like you hitting a tree. The difference can be seen in professional goggles but this list only contains entry-to-medium-level outdoor goggles.

These Typhoon goggles offer adequate protection against the elements: rain, wind, and anything that may hit your face. They can be bought in 10 different colors with a clear or tinted lens. The lens is coated with a hard anti-scratch resulting in a hard-to-break lens.

The frame of the goggles fits perfectly any face, being made from flexible urethane can take the shape instantly and revert to its original form when taken off. It can fit adults and kids over 5 years.

Ski Goggles, Pack of 2, CarBoss Motorcycle Snowboard Goggles 100% UV 400 Protection, Anti-Glare Anti-Scratch Dustproof Windproof Lenses, Great Snow Skiing Cycling Riding Outdoor Sports Eyewear for Men

A great price-quality model, it comes in a pack of two, one tinted and the other one clear.

Even though they are advertised as ski goggles they can be used for any outdoor sport. Are a universal fit, and can be used by men and women, even kids. This is possible due to the elastic strap being adjustable for any head size. The visibility is great, we overall recommend this model of ATV goggles.

The lens is standard and protects against UV rays, scratches, and anything that may come at you. The elastic strap is made of crimped silicone string, with a total of 3 layers.

ATV Googles Guide

ATV goggles are one of the most vital pieces of safety accessories you can have and that’s why you need to get the best ATV goggles possible. They are intended to keep your eye safe and the upper portion of your face from anything which can harm your eyesight or block your vision while you are riding your ATV. They keep the whole thing from the elements to dirt from getting in your eyes while riding and are an essential piece of equipment to wear each time you ride in spite of the conditions.

They have different features from Ultra Violet lenses to keep your eyes safe from sun rays to scratch resistance, so they last for many years of use. Almost all kinds of ATV goggles come with a wide adjustable band or strap, so you are able to get the perfect comfortable fit.

Why use goggles when riding an ATV?

If you are able to see the terrain clearly, you will have a safe and stress-free ride. Goggles are essential for safety as well as performance. Below are the reasons why you need to buy and wear ATV goggles.

  • Keep your eye safe from dirt and dust and any debris which may fly up in front of you, which include bugs, branches, stones as well as mud.
  • Boost your visualization or vision when riding in the middle of the heat of the sun with tinted as well as anti-glare lenses.
  • Acts as face waterproofing, this accessory will assist in keeping the rain out of the eyes, so there is no need to stop when riding once heavy rain hits.

What to Look for In an ATV Goggles

If you are in the market for a pair of ATV goggles, first you must think of where and when you will do most of your riding. In case you are riding at night, think of buying goggles with a super clarity design. This will assist you to see clearly even in the dark. Instead of buying random pairs you should invest in the best ATV goggles and be sure that your vision will be protected all the time.

Types of ATV Goggles

There are many types of ATV goggles available out there, and there are many features to weigh u and wade through. Here are the types of ATV Goggles available.

Mounting Biking Goggles

Also known as MTB, this type of ATV goggle is essential for keeping dirt and dust out of your eyes while tearing down the terrains. This is bulky, but today many companies provide lighter versions that are made with mountain bikers in mind.

Motocross Goggles

Motocross Goggles offer maximum protection to your eyes and guaranteed toughness, so meaning it is often heavy and bulky compared to MTB. Some are available with a full-face helmet to keep the entire face secure.

OTG Goggles

OTG goggles are made to fit over sunglasses. It is likely to purchase custom-made goggles to wear rather than prescription spectacles. However, you need to give out hundreds of dollars.


Despite the conditions of your ATV riding, your capability to see is vitally important to your safety; therefore, ensure you are taking the right measures and wearing these ATV goggles each time you ride.