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We’ve decided to test and review multiple GPS manufacturers but Garmin GPS is the best ATV GPS in the business and dominated our top.

Garmin GPSMAP 64st, TOPO U.S. 100K with High-Sensitivity GPS and GLONASS Receiver

I think that Garmin GPSMAP 64st is the best-sold GPS model worldwide. It’s built to withstand rain, dust any abuse you may subject it as it’s rated IPX7. Incredible accuracy on the location, as it is a dual system, using the GPS system but also the GLONASS.

It has a color 2.6-inch display that works in any situation, no matter if it’s too bright or dark outside. The resolution is 160 by 240 pixels, details on the map are good enough. It can be connected to USB via a high-speed USB3 interface, while the USB can be used to charge the optional rechargeable batteries, it can also be used to upload maps.

Weights almost nothing at 8 ounces, keep in mind that it was weighed with batteries.

The operating system of this Garmin is nothing like we’ve ever seen, you can attach heart rate sensors and a lot of different sensors on it, and the information will be displayed on the screen. It features a 3-axis compass with an altimeter.

Trail Tech 922-125 Voyager Pro Universal UTV Powersports Trail GPS

Trail Tech 922 is a dedicated ATV trail GPS. It comes with a bright anti-glare 4-inch touchscreen display. This model is completely waterproof, you can drop it in ponds and it will still work. The software is pretty intelligent as it has multiple features that will be great for ATV/UTV riding. It has the option to insert entry and exit points, hill shading, and so on. If you have people accompanying you and they use the same model, the Trail Tech 922-125 has the option to display them on the map, so you’ll be sure you never get lost or lose someone. This feature is great if you take your kids riding with you and want to know where they are.

It can track the speed with a wheel sensor or the GPS system, but we’ve found that its wheel sensor is not the most reliable. On the display, you can see also the outside temperature, elevation, and the distance to or from a point.

The possibility of syncing the GPS with your phone via Bluetooth is great, which gives you the option to take calls or dial a number directly on it, without requiring the phone.

It comes with a universal mount, fitting it is easy, and requires little assembly. It is the best GPS for ATV trail riding but is inferior to Garmin.

Garmin eTrex 22x, Rugged Handheld GPS Navigator

This eTrex 22x is a really good GPS to take while riding an ATV. Being a rugged version, it’s tough and can resist drops, scratches, and everything you could try to damage it. That does not mean you should take a hammer and hit it, try to be reasonable. During our tests, we passed with a Yamaha ATV on it and nothing happened to it. Garmin eTrex 22x is the definition of an outdoor GPS as it is also waterproof.

We loved how it fits in the hand, as it’s a handheld model you should be careful where you store it or buy a special mount to have it visible all the time. The 2.2-inch display has bright colors that can be seen even on really sunny days and it has a 240 x 320 resolution. All details can be seen on the map.

The second thing we loved about it is that it comes with routes for hiking and cycling, most of them being ATV-friendly. Regarding the signal, we took the GPS with us on a ride through a dense forest, the GPS did not lose signal once. As this model supports GPS and the GLONASS System you can be sure you will never get lost.

The internal memory is only 8GB but it’s more than enough. If you exceed the space, you can insert a microSD card in it and extend it. Battery life is great, over 25 hours.

 There is nothing worst than getting lost while offroading, especially if you are alone. Getting out of this situation can be really difficult without a proper GPS. Imagine exploring a new area and getting stuck in the mud, not having a winch or the proper tires. You are just stuck there, that’s why it’s important to have the best ATV GPS device possible.

A good-quality GPS device installed in your ATV can help you travel a lot of roads while still knowing exactly where you or your friends are.

Using GPS is a convenient way to conquer roads. It helps you track the route you will be taking, and know the different obstacles ahead to ensure a safe ride. Usually, it can be attached to cars, but newer versions are designed to be attached to ATVs.

Best ATV GPS Guide

If you already have the best ATV GPS, then you’re off to go. But if you still have none and considering buying one, it’s best to understand why you should have it in the first place and to know the qualities of a good ATV GPS device you need to purchase. FYI, this is more than just a location tracker, it has so many cool features that you will surely need for your trail ride adventure.

Real-time GPS tracker for trail riding

If you always have a hard time remembering places, you really must carry a GPS device with you. The latest models of GPS today give you an accurate or exact detail of your location to avoid getting lost on the road.

Provides theft alert

There are instances when you need to leave your vehicle. During the time when you are away from your ATV, there are chances that a thief might take it away from you. When this happens, you will receive a notification on your mobile phone, so you can easily locate your ATV’s whereabouts.

Over-speeding detection

Aside from giving you an accurate location, ATV GPS is also equipped to measure your speed. It is very handy since speed limit regulations are strict in most areas, so you need to monitor carefully how fast you are going to avoid penalties, and most importantly accidents.

Towing detection and notification

The GPS device also gives you alerts on when or where there is towing. So if you are planning to park your ATV in a certain place, be sure to know if there won’t be any towing regulations in that area by checking your device.

User-friendly and pocket-size

People always want to have something they can carry with ease wherever they go. That’s why ATV GPS has the right size to fit into your hand but still has the right space for you to see or read what’s on the screen. The buttons and controls of the GPS device are also not that complicated, so you can use it without getting confused.


You can never tell when the weather will go mad, so it’s important to have your GPS function even when it gets wet from the rain or even if you plan to cross a shallow river or muddy terrain.

ATV GPS is truly a must-have tool for all off-road riders and enthusiasts as it is useful not just in tracking location. It’s as essential as a winch. So before going on a trail ride, make sure you have your best ATV GPS device installed so you’re always on track.

Updated on March 7, 2023