Safety First, Fun Always: The Best ATV Helmets for Adults

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Best ATV Helmet for Adults Reviews

O’Neal 0200-434 2 Series Unisex-Adult Off-Road Helme

O’Neal 0200-434 is currently the best ATV helmet for adults that you can find. Available for all ages and genders, this helmet is available in 4 different color schemes. In case you get acquainted from time to time with dirt or pavement, this helmet is there to keep you safe.

It fits perfectly, at any time you feel safe due to the toughness of the helmet. If you have an unusual head, you may need to purchase one size bigger as the helmet is true to size.

The interior of the helmet is adequately ventilated and does not overheat. You can ride all day and be extremely comfortable while doing it.

Compared to other helmets, this one is lightweight, weighing only 4 pounds, and does not put a lot of strain on the neck.

The shell of the helmet is strong, being manufactured from ABS. The interior of the helmet is removable and can be washed with ease.

X4 ATV Off-Road Quad MX Motocross Dirt Bike Mountain Helmet for Adults

X4’s helmet is number two on our list. It comes in a huge variety of colors and models, being appropriate for both women and men. As with the O’Neil helmet, X4’s inner liner can be removed and washed.

The ventilation is more than adequate due to the multiple vents on the helmet. While you may worry that it will be loud inside the helmet due to the number of vents, it’s not. The helmet keeps the loud noises to a minimum, making it almost soundproof.

A nice feature of the X4 is the removable sun visor. In case you scratch it or damage it, it can be replaced with easy at low costs.

It can be used in all offroad sports and even on the streets.

Typhoon Adult ATV MX Helmet Goggles Gloves Gear Combo Matte Black

An incredible combo, gloves, glasses, and helmet at a decent price. In case you order it and one of the items in the combo does not fit, you can contact the seller and they’ll exchange the item with the proper size.

Keep in mind that the gloves are not the best you can get, they are offered as a bonus and you should buy them separately.

The helmet, however, is great considering the price. It does not match the quality of O’Neil or X4 but it comes close, it is more than decent. The package is a great buy for beginners and it is not recommended for really intensive sports. On Amazon, you can find multiple sizes and designs for goggles.

One of the things we really loved about this helmet is the weight, it only weighs 3 lbs, making it one of the most lightweight helmets on sale.

Best ATV Helmets for Adults Guide

 One great way to experience a thrill and a new sense of adventure is through riding an ATV and through the article we will explain the reasoning for finding the best ATV helmet for adults. However, one must realize the serious danger that this recreational activity can cause if done without practicing any safety measures. That without considering one’s safety, such fun and adventure can turn tragic.

One way to ensure safety while enjoying this activity is by using proper protective equipment like an ATV Helmet. In some states, different types of helmet laws were already passed requiring riders a mandatory helmet use. Because of the unpredictability of other riders and obstacles along the way, an ATV rider must take extra effort in protecting their body, and an important note to start with is by protecting their heads. Even at slow speeds, it is a good idea to wear a helmet when riding an ATV. Given this, different ATV helmet for adults has become available and plays a significant role for ATV riders.

ATV Helmets for adults provide effective protection to the rider’s head by minimizing the risk of serious head injury in an event of a crash or collision. Despite the fact that ATV riding involves only trails that are often private and not those public thoroughfares, ATV Helmets are still a requirement in ensuring safety for ATV riders. 

Aside from the obvious safety factors of ATV Helmets for adults, they are also stylish and are constructed with modern technological features that provide safety without sacrificing the comfort and freedom of movement of the riders. Moreover, for some, wearing helmets has also become a part of their riding experience and it gives them a real rider image and vibe. These boosted the number of helmet-wearing ATV riders.

In selecting ATV Helmets for Adults, one must know how it differs from other kinds of helmets used by other riders. Being able to do so, will help the rider choose the appropriate ATV helmet for them. 

At first look, ATV helmets are just like the other helmets used in motorcycling. However, there are key differences between these two. Being able to determine these differences will help you in selecting the appropriate helmet that suits your needs as an ATV rider. 

Having a very rigid structure in its chin guard is one of the common features of an ATV helmet. This provides protection to the chin and jaw of a rider from any injuries. Additionally, an aggressive type of ATV riding, dirt, and dust is flying everywhere. ATV helmets have a large opening that can accommodate riding goggles protecting riders from dust and dirt. Moreover, the goggles are designed to fit in your face so that dust will not get into your eyes.

Unlike other helmets, ATV helmets offer much better ventilation for riders. They have huge vents that allow cool air to enter the helmet.

One common disadvantage of a typical motorcycle helmet is that you breathe directly inside the visor. This is the reason why it easily gets fogged up. To keep the visor free from fog, you need to keep it halfway open to let in enough air. This exposes your face and your eyes to dust and dirt from the surroundings. ATV helmets, on the other hand, have well-ventilated goggles that prevent them from fogging up

Being able to identify these differences, and selecting the appropriate ATV helmets for adults that will suit your needs will be much easier. However, always keep in mind that wearing helmets is just added protection for you as a rider. Your safety as an ATV rider will still be in your hand. Knowing your responsibility as a rider will provide you with the utmost safety during your ride.


How to strap an ATV helmet properly?

Position the helmet on your head and pass both straps through the d-rings, pulling them until the helmet is comfortable but in the same time firm.

How to wash an ATV helmet?

When washing a helmet, you need to be careful not to scratch the visor or the helmet. Use a microfiber towel soaked in a little water with some detergent, before using a particular detergent check that it does not contain any bleach. The interior can be cleaned in the same way, keep in mind not to apply too much water, just enough to clean the material but not enough to soak it thoroughly.

How to determine the ATV helmet size for you

Finding the right size for your helmet can appear to be difficult but is a simple task. All you need to do is to measure the circumference of your head and use the following charts to find the appropriate size. By doing that you can be assured that you’ve found the best size for ATV helmets.

How should an ATV helmet fit?

An ATV helmet should fit firmly and not have any wiggle after you’ve strapped it. At the same time, the helmet should not provoke any discomfort to the user.

What kinds of injury an ATV helmet prevents?

In the case of an accident, a helmet prevents brain injury and damage. Due to impact, without a helmet, the rider might suffer permanent brain damage, loss of memory, or even death. Wearing a helmet, goggles, boots, and gloves, the overall damage done in case of an accident is reduced drastically.