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Have you tried navigating your ATV road across a swampy pond or through the heavy bush? For sure, you find it hard, especially during the dark night. The good thing is that you can attach an ATV light bar that can help you get adequate visibility throughout the ride.

In case you are not familiar with ATV light bars and have difficulties picking the best ATV light bar for your needs, keep on reading our ATV light bars reviews.

Best ATV Light Bars Reviews

DJI 4X4 LED Light Bar, 7.5 Inch 102W Triple Row Side Shooter CREE LED Pods Off Road Spot Flood Combo Beam Waterproof Driving Fog Lights for Trucks Jeep ATV UTV SUV Pickup Boat, 2 Years Warranty

DJI’s light bar has a total output of 102w and 10,200 lumens with makes it the best ATV led light bar available because of the good energy-output ratio.

Light is delivered using three rows of led lights, and they advertise their LEDs as being the most advanced in the industry as they use CREE LEDs. It can output a horizontal beam for up to 180 degrees offering excellent visibility even on dark and cloudy nights. The LEDs are rated for over 50,000 hours.

The kit is entirely waterproof, having an IP68 rating for the entire kit. In case it gets dirty, it can be washed with a hose without worrying that water will short the led bar.

It features an advanced aluminum heat sink to disperse heat fast. Mounting is easy as it comes with two adjustable mounting brackets, offering great customization to the angle and place of installation.

The led bar can be powered with any kind of battery that delivers 9 – 30V DC.

If you don’t look for something fancy, this light bar might be just what you need for your ATV.

NAOEVO 7inch LED Light Bar, 240W 24,000LM Offroad Fog Light Driving Lights LED Pods with Spot Flood Combo Beam, Waterproof Led Work Lights for UTV ATV Jeep Truck Boat, 2 Pack

This bar comes in a pair, delivering a total of 240w and 24,000 lumens. Because of their size and mounting type, these bars can be used on all vehicles, not only on ATVs. Offroading at the night has never been simpler with these offroad bars.

The bar is composed of three rows of NAO LEDs which we all know are designed for offroad use. It illuminates up to 120 degrees with the center being the most visible area. It’s designed for a wide view of the area but also for high speeds so don’t worry if you mount them on and go hunting. You will see everything with these bad boys.

The case of these light bars is made out of painted black aluminum and the lens is polycarbonate. The lens is made from polycarbonate, they hold better to scratches and shocks.

The heat sink is integrated but decent in size, with LEDs working at full capacity even after hours.

As we would expect, this 7-inch offroad led bar is fully waterproof and shockproof. It has a rating of IP68 making it almost indestructible.

It can be powered with any battery in the 12-24V range, the LED bar can be mounted on any kind of vehicle, UTV, ATV, and truck, the sky is the limit.

BEAMTRON Led Light Bar 4 Inch 120W 12,000Lm Led Light Pods Waterproof Driving Fog Lights Combo Spot Flood Off Road Lights for Trucks ATV UTV SUV Pickup Marine -2 Pack

If you are looking for smaller light bars but still powerful this Beamtron light bar is ideal for you. It is 3.8 inches wide and 4.3 inches tall, because of the smaller size you can mount as many of these as you want, the only requirement being the battery.

It outputs 60w of power and 12,000 lumens per piece. Most promotions are for a pack of two so you’ll get 120w total power, but they are cheaper than the rest so don’t worry about the maximum power. It can light up to 150 degrees with its three rows led format. For their size, these light bars are quite powerful. It can be powered with any battery in the 12-24V range. The heat sink is great, dispersing heat like no other sink heat on the market. Maybe it’s because of the size of the bar but it’s great nonetheless.

It’s waterproof rated IP67 and lasts for over 50,000 hours.

oEdRo LED Light Bar 52inch Curved 650W 46400LM Spot & Flood Combo Beam with 8ft Wiring Harness IP68 Waterproof Fog Driving Offroad Fit for Pickup Boat Jeep SUV ATV Truck Light Bar

This light bar is a monster. It comes in different sizes, starting from 22 inches and going up to 52 inches. The LEDs are pure white and for the 22inches version, they can output 400w while the 52-inch can output up to 650w.

A great feature that we love about it is the angle customization, you can direct the light beam upper or down, just how you need it.

Oedro’s heat sink has a curved design in order to extend its illumination radius. IP67 and IP68 are standard for light bars and this bar is no exception.

It comes with a 3 years warranty, other manufacturers offer only 2 so it’s something that may appeal to you.

LED Light Bar Wiring Harness,YITAMOTOR 12inch 72W Red LED Work Light Pod Offroad Driving Light Fog Lights Spot Flood Combo Beam Waterproof SUV 4WD ATV Truck Boat Golf Cart, 2 Year Warranty

This 12 inches bright red light bar has two rows of led with a total power of 72W. If you don’t like the red color don’t worry as it also comes in black.

This led bar is waterproof rated iP67 and can last for a maximum of 50,000 hours.

A really nice feature is the heat sink, it is built using 1070 aluminum. Most manufacturers use a 60 alloy but 1070 aluminum is better at dispersing heat. The casing is also made from the same alloy so you don’t have to worry about overheating on long usage.

What we don’t like about this bar is the limited range, only 90 degrees, basically you will see only what is right in front of you.

What is an ATV Light Bar?

Every outdoor enthusiast, especially the one who loves riding an ATV, should have a complete set of accessories. The light bar is among these important vehicle accessories.

An ATV light bar is a lighting attachment that can make your ATV experience safer and even more enjoyable in dark places. That is because it produces a better light output, which is contrary to the light produced by the headlights of your car. 

Furthermore, an ATV light is specially designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. This suggests that you’ll have a worry-less trip. This light apparatus will help you leverage your adventure, be it on rugged hills or beaches. Not only that, but the light is also highly energy-efficient. That’s because almost all the consumed power is being converted into bright light. 

Benefits of having the best ATV light bar

Before exploring many different trails, make sure that your ATV is already installed with high quality and dependable ATV light bar. That way, you can experience the following benefits:

Light bars enhance night vision 

An ATV light bar is effective in illuminating the road or trail. That way, it’s a lot easier for you to view what’s ahead of you. This light apparatus can also deliver enhanced night vision as it comes with wider coverage. 

Once you installed it in a higher position than the usual spot, you can see very clearly the things around you even under dark environments. 

Light bar increase visibility

One of the main reasons why ATV owners install ATV light bars is to increase their safety while exploring the trails. Since you can use ATVs even during the night for a more thrilling experience than usual, it’s best to install a light bar first.

Cooler Exterior Look

In the case that you wish to improve the exterior look of your ATV, then the light bar is the way to go. With its interesting structural and ergonomic design, it will give your ATV a perfect fit and seamless look. 

Criteria for choosing the Best ATV Light Bars

 In the same way as other products, you need to consider the different factors when buying the best ATV light bar. That way, you’ll end with the one that perfectly suits your ATV needs.


ATV light bars come in varying sizes and lengths. So, it’s a nice idea to measure your ATV to get the right size. A longer light bar creates a wider range of light. However, look for the ones that will not make your vehicle look awkward.


Since you’ll be using your ATV in different weather conditions, a waterproof light bar is a good choice. That way, you can focus on having fun with every trail you take. 

Brightness and Power 

If you’ll be taking your ATV into a heavily wooded area, then an ATV light bar with more watts per light and higher light power is an advantage. In case you are using an ATV on a dark path, you’ll need more brightness and power output. As for suburban areas, you may need a smaller light bar to see the path or road ahead.

Are you ready for the next ATV adventure? If yes, make sure to get yourself high-quality ATV light bars.