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All ATV owners know that it is not easy to transport the ATV without the help of an ATV ramp. In case you are not familiar with ATV ramps and have difficulties, this article is a guide to help you find the best ATV ramp currently on sale!

It is very dangerous and also challenging when you load heavy and bulky equipment, just like ATVs. You will need ramps and even some ground that’s flat and perfect as this will get everything efficiently and safely loaded up. Loading ramps and flat ground are necessary when you plan on using them outside of the neighborhood. For your safety and also the ATVs, you need to pick the best ATV ramp, pick one based on the weight you’ll need to load and the width necessary.

Best ATV Loading Ramps Reviews

#1 Black Widow Tri-Fold ATV Ramp with Punch Plate Surface

This Black Widow ramp is available in pair dimensions, as a 77″x54″ or 93″x54″. The advantage of this ramp is that it can be folded in 3 pieces, allowing wide vehicles to be loaded with it but also to store it easily, folded it occupies only 1/3 of its width. Black Widow’s ramp can be secured to trucks or pickups using the two safety straps, the straps preventing the ramp from slipping when trying to load the ATV. Like all the other ramps in our guide, this one is made entirely made from aluminum. We’ve selected this model as number one in our best ATV ramps guide for its built quality and the reputation of Black Widow as a manufacturer.

#2 Titan 10′ Aluminum Wide Truck Loading Ramp Motorcycle Harley Cruiser ATV 120-MS

This ramp is designed for heavy-duty loading, and the capacity it can withstand is 2000 lbs. Made from aluminum makes its weight close to none, and transporting it requires almost no effort.

Because of its loading capacity, it can support big motorcycles, UTVs, ATVs, and other big vehicles as long as the capacity is not exceeded.

It comes in 3 pieces, and it does not require any assembly. It can be used only with just one or two pieces, depending on what you are trying to load.

#3 Five Star Aluminum Ramp 4 ft. USA – Motorcycles on to Trailers – 5244 MCDR Ramp

The Five Star Aluminum ramp comes in 3 versions, supporting a load capacity ranging from 1200 to 1500 lbs. Its weight is only 30 lbs being made entirely from 6061 aluminum alloy. It features extra support and strength on the center of the ramp for loading heavy machines, like heavy motorcycles or ATVs.

The main features of this loading ramp are its weight and the fact that it has double the crossroads. The extra crossroads result in extra stability and strength, making it one of the safest models on sale.

#4 2Pcs 7.5′ Pair Aluminum Folding Loading Ramps Pickup Truck Trailer Motorcycle ATV UTV Lawnmower

The most significant selling point for the Trible Six ramp is its versatility. It can be used to load almost anything, from ATVs and UTVs to garden tractors and lawnmowers.

Folded dimensions are 45 inches long and 11 inches wide for each of the two parts of the ramp. It’s made from 7.5 thick perforated 6061 aluminum. This ramp comes with rubber-tipped fingers and safety straps to prevent surface slippage. During loading, the ramp might bend a little bit but don’t worry, it’s an elastic bending, after removing the weight from the ramp, it will get to its original structure.

#5 Goplus 7.5′ Loading Ramp 1760 lb Heavy Duty Aluminum ATV UTV Arched Folding Ramps Pair

Goplus’s ramp is designed for heavy-duty loading and is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum. As a result of being manufactured from aluminum, it weighs only 18 lbs per piece. It is a two-piece ramp, each of them supporting a total of 1600 lbs. 

It is foldable in half for easy transportation, fitting in the back of trucks, or even in trunks.

The ramp comes with safety straps and rubber fingers to stop slipping. The ramps can be adjusted to allow almost any kind of vehicle to be loaded on them. 

#6 Bosski UTV90 ATV Loading Ramp – 90in. x 55in.

Bosski loading ramp comes in two versions, 72 inches or 90 inches, being compatible with most ATVs on the market, facilitating loading with ease. One design feature that we loved about this loading ramp is that folded it measures only 18 inches. It supports up to 1300 lbs, UTVs can also be loaded not only ATVs.

Bosski UTV90 ATV Loading Ramp comes with a lifetime warranty, so the manufacturer will fix any problem that might appear in the future with this ramp without any additional cost.

#7 Pair 7.5′ Motorcycle ATV Ramp Aluminum Folding Loading Pick Up Truck Dirt Bike UTV Lawnmower Scooter,1500lb Capacity

Trible Six makes some of the best aluminum ramps on the market. This one is no exception. It’s a bi-folding loading ramp fit for ATVs & UTVs, Lawn mowers, Trucks, Motorcycles, Trailers, Dirt bikes, and Garden tractors. It can withstand 1500lb of pressure when loaded. 

Best ATV Loading Ramps Guide

ATV loading ramps are used for transporting ATVs from the garage to the riding trails or camping sites. In short, to carry your ATV into the back of the vehicle, you will use ATV ramps. After that, you are free to explore the trails.

Benefits of Using ATV Ramps 

Now, let’s talk about why you need to use ATV ramps. 

It is important for you to get a dependable pair of ATV ramps so that you can easily and safely wheel your ATVs into the back of the truck. That way, no need for you to worry about heavy lifting tasks. 

Little do you know that getting yourself ATV ramps is like getting a helmet. That’s because you can ensure the safety of you and your ATVs. After all, it would be difficult for you to carry the ATV without the help of ATV ramps, especially if you are going to distant places. 

Factors to consider before choosing an ATV loading ramp

Ramps weight loading capacity 

First, you need to determine the load you’ll apply on the ATV ramp before purchasing the ramp that can bear that particular load. However, it’s a good idea to get ramps having a higher weight capacity than what you need. That is to help you save money if you are planning to upgrade to a larger ATV. The ramps in our best ATV ramp top area with a maximum capacity of 1,500 lbs, which is more than enough for most loading necessities.

The ramp’s ground clearance 

The length of the ramp and the height of your vehicle will help in determining the slope of the ATV ramps. For the lower slope angle, it is best to load the ATV inside the truck. Picking a loading ramp for your ATV is easy, but keep in mind that you need to select a ramp that can be used with the ground clearance you have.

Mount Connection

The ramp’s mount connection is responsible for keeping the ramp in place and secures while loading the ATV. Ramps with ledge supports can offer additional friction as they can be attached to the tailgate. Others come with mounting brackets that can be screwed into the trailer’s bed. 

Storage Size 

How large is your storage area? When not in use, you need to store the ATV ramps, and the storage size is an important factor. For small storage spaces, you can opt for folding ramps. However, if you have spacious storage, then you can go for ramps with larger weight capacity and size.

Ramp Width 

The ATV ramps’ surface area will help you figure out the grip that the ATV tires should have while loading the ATV into the back of the truck. In case you have a wide ramp, it’s a lot easier for you to push the ATV as there is more surface area.

Are you now convinced that it is best to have ATV ramps by your side? So, the next time you’ll ride an ATV, make sure to have ramps. That way, you can be sure that you’ll transport the ATV more safely and you’ll access different trails more effectively than before. 


Now let’s talk about safety, which was one of the criteria of our best ATV ramp guide. It is not surprising that an ATV that’s 500 pounds is very dangerous when you are trying to load them into two pieces that are extruded metal. You can minimize the danger of loading the ATV/UTV with some simple safety tips. You can be safe with some of these steps that are very easy to follow. 

  • Before you drive in an ATV right on the ramps you should first secure everything.
  • Keeping the ramps balanced and centered will be very helpful.
  • When your buying an ATV ramp be aware of your vehicle’s height. The ramp’s incline is very important so it must be very shallow.
  • The ramp’s capacity weight and its maximum should not exceed. A lot of ramps that are high quality can very well handle an ATV that is average. For example, the capacity of weight should not be high like the others. Ramps that don’t have a problem carrying heavy things are the best kind of ramps.

How to use an ATV loading ramp

Let’s go to the things that you’ll be needing when loading ATVs.

  • A loading ramp: The ATV’s weight should be supported by the ramps. You can also use a single ramp or even dual runners, a bi-fold, and even a tri-fold ramp. If you want to have the best results, then go for a heavy-duty loading ramp that can support lots of weight and will not bend.
  • A loading vehicle: You will need a vehicle like a truck, a van, maybe even a trailer, or something that will have enough space for an ATV.
  • An ATV: Of course, you’ll be needing this. It is the item that will be loaded.
  • Some safety straps: The ramp will be kept secured with these straps when you are loading the ATV into the vehicle.

How about knowing how ATV ramps are used? When you are loading your ATV into a vehicle it will require the right position, security, and the assistance of ramps.

#1. Positioning the ramps

When you are positioning your ramp, you want it to be in the proper position, it will help in supporting the ATV’s weight when it is being loaded. 

#2. Securing the ramps

Since a lot of the ramps just sit by the edge of the truck or the trailer, you should remember to tie them down tightly. This can help in preventing the ramps from making a fall and the ATV from a crash.

#3. Loading the ATV on the ramp

After finishing trying to position the ramp properly as well as securing it, the item that is going to be loaded is going to be next. Just be careful in putting it inside the truck or a trailer, you don’t want to get hurt.

I hope our guide helped you pick the best ATV ramp for your loading needs, be safe out there.