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Finding the best ATV oil is no easy task as each motor oil is created to meet certain conditions set by the manufacturer. The most important criteria for choosing an ATV motor oil are viscosity and lubrication rating.

As each engine requires a specific type of engine oil, we’ve decided to test the oils manufactured by the 5 most prominent brands.

For example, did you know that there is a Valvoline ATV oil? Please read our guide and find out which is better suited for your ATV.

Note: We’ve tested the oils on two different ATVs, a Honda and Polaris.

Best ATV Oil Reviews

#1 Valvoline ATV Oil 817263 10w-40

Valvoline Oil 817263

This Valvoline motor oil is a 10W-40 four-stroke oil. It’s a great choice as this oil is a conventional synthetic oil, the bottle container comes in 32 oz. Its viscosity index is about 150. The pour point of this product is at -33 degrees C and the flashpoint is at 220 degrees F. It can only be applied in ATVs as per the standards of the product.

It’s not advertised as a superior oil, but from our tests, it is a premium synthetic oil specially formulated for ATVs. It can prevent the engine from wearing and tearing, and it can also make the clutch of your ATV more efficient. 

Using this Valvoline ATV oil for a prolonged period will bring the satisfaction of a well-running motor. It currently holds position number 1 in our best ATV oil guide.

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#2 Castrol MAGNATEC 10W-40 A3/B4 Engine Oil 4L

Castrol MAGNATEC 10W-40 A3/B4 Engine Oil 4L

The package of this Castron motor oil comes in a variety. You can buy 1L, 4L, 5L, 8L, and 16L. You can buy in those variances depending on your oil needs. It can also be bought as synthetic oils and dual lock technology. This product can be applied in automotive gasoline and diesel engines. What the manufacturer recommends is the type of lubricant under ACEA A3/B4, API SN 10W-40, and A3/B3 for ATV use.

The pros of using this product include protection for your engine the very moment you start the engine. It clings to molecules and connects the important parts of your engine. Another good thing about Castrol Magnatec is that it protects ATV engines from wear and tear before, during, and after each ride.

What’s not good about this product is that there are certain models of ATV that it cannot support such as the Kewway Superlight 125.

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#3 Motul 5000 4T 10W-40 HC-Tech 4 litre+1 litre free

Motul 5000 4T 10W-40 HC-Tech

Motul motor oil is a product used as a lubricant with hydrocracked base stocks to make sure that the engines are protected and the life of the gear is extended. This product contains low phosphorus and sulfur so that your ATV can operate in a better condition. Also, Motul is JASO MA approved so it can still work in wet clutches.

The benefit of using Motul is that it prevents your engine from wear and tear and increases engine performance. It is used by ATV users who want better-operating conditions for their vehicles. And even if your clutches are wet, this oil will still perfectly work. Some of the packages sold online also come with a free small container of Motul oil for extra use.

The container can only contain up to 4L of oil so if you want to use more during your ride, you have to fill it up or buy additional containers so your supply can last. That’s a con of buying this product. Also, an oil change can be frequent if the usage is too high. The properties of Motul oil make it one of the top ATV oils available for sale.

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Yamalube All Purpose 4 Four Stroke Motor Oil 20w-50

Yamalube All Purpose 4 Four Stroke Motor Oil 20w-50

Yamalube is the best semi-synthetic oil that you can use for your ATV engine. It can also be used for scooters and motorcycles. This oil is produced by Yamaha and is readily available in the market. Each Yamalube container has 4L of oil, which can give you enough supply for more than one ride.

What makes this product a good choice for ATV owners is that it is all-around engine oil. It’s not just for ATV use but for motorcycles too. If your ATV has a wet clutch, this is the right ATV oil recommendation. The price is not too expensive and the longer and more consistently you use it, the lesser the engine problems you are going to have. Also, it comes with a very good package, making it easier to fill the oil.

The only downside of this product is that it comes with a 4L container only. So if you need more supply, you have to buy more than one container that you can load in your ATV engine. Overall, we consider Yamalube to be a quality oil that will increase your engine life.

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#5 Silkolene QUAD ATV 10W-40 Semi-Synthetic 4T Engine Oil – 4 Litres

Silkolene 600888503 Pro4 XP Oil

Silkolene motor oil uses synthetic technology and can be used for ATVs and modern kinds of quads. It uses MC-Syn Technology which makes it a leading brand compared to conventional mineral oils. This contains detergents, load-carrying agents, anti-corrosion systems, and dispersants that make the engines cleaner and longer to use.

What you will get from using this product is the durability of your engine since the substances used to make this product are formulated for cleaner engines and the best performance. It can also protect ATVs with advanced additive chemistry from startup to full ride.

This product only comes in 4 liters and it’s pricier than any other option on this list. Since it is for ATVs and quads used, you should foresee that you will likely spend more money when you buy this oil.

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FAQs Best ATV Oil

How many miles to change the ATV’s Engine oil?

Usually, you can find the interval of time to change the oil on the product sheet or the official site of the manufacturer. But as a general rule, it’s good to change the oil after 600 miles or yearly. As ATVs are not used as much as cars, the oil gets thicker, and when heated, it might not offer the same lubrication in time.

How much oil does it take to fill an ATV?

The answer to this question is a little tricky; it depends. As each engine is differently built, it requires a different amount of oil. To be sure, I would buy a 4-liter canister and check the level when pouring.

How to change the oil in an ATV?

Changing the oil in an ATV is similar to the process of changing it in a car. 

The first step is to start the engine of the ATV to make the oil inside more fluid. After 10-15 minutes, stop the engine and remove the oil filter. 

Locate the drain plug, before opening it, put a canister or bucket underneath so the oil will drip in it. Only after putting a bucket underneath, loosen the drain plug and let the old oil drip.

Wait for a few minutes or until the old oil stops dripping put back the oil filter and pour the new oil inside. You can use a funnel to make the job easier. 

You should recycle the old oil as it may be hazardous to the environment.

Updated on March 13, 2023