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The most common mowing attachment for cutting grass is the ATV pull-behind mower. It can be used to cut grass on medium to large areas, making it really easy to attach it to the ATV and deliver a finished look to the lawn.

Swisher FC14566CPKA FC14566CPKA-Swisher 14.5HP 12V Kawasaki 66″ Commercial Pro Trail Mower Trailmower, 66″, Gray

Swisher mower attachment is excellent for large areas of grass where a typical mower would not be sufficient. It is built in the USA so you can rest assured of the high quality, is manufactured with the highest standards and working conditions in mind.

This tow mower from Swisher comes with different engines, ranging from 10hp up to 14.5, doing even the toughest jobs easy.

When you decide to buy one, be sure to check the specs as each version of this model has unique features, for example, for the 14.5 hp engine, the mower is capable of cutting a 66-inch area. All 14.5 hp engines are equipped with three blades, while the lower power mowers are only equipped with 2.

The most version of this mower is the one powered by the Kawasaki 14.5 hp engine. The engines with lower power are built by Briggs & Stratton. While the engines from Briggs & Stratton are good enough, they do not compare with Kawasaki, which has a long history of building engines. Also, the Kawasaki version has two cylinders while the other one has only one.

The height of this mower can be adjusted to all models, the elevation ranging from 1 inch to a maximum limit of 5.5 inches.

The versatility of this pull-behind mower is without parallel; no other competitor offers the same usability. The mower can be positioned left of the ATV, center, or right, making it ideal for landscaping professionals where attention to detail is required.

Currently, the Swisher is our #1 recommendation in this best ATV pull-behind mower guide. Its versatility and specs make it unrivaled. Our review is based on the FC14566CPKA model. 

King Kutter Rear Discharge Finish Mower – 72in. Model Number RFM-72

As we’ve tested more and more products made by King Kutter, we’ve discovered that they make really good ATV accessories. This tow-behind lawn mower was designed especially for ATVs to ease the task of cutting the grass or landscaping projects on large fields where with a regular lawnmower, it would take a long period to complete.

Before ordering, you need to check how much hp your ATV can handle as this pull-behind mower can be attached to ATVs with a minimum of 30hp.  

King Kutter RFM-72 is a very capable mower, being able to mow over 3 acres of grass without any issues. The height of the cutter can be adjusted via bolts to ensure that the lawned grass has a finished look. While a regular mower is usually used to get the finished look, this pull-behind mower offers the same quality of the lawn in a shorter time and without the usual effort. 

The feature that puts this tow-behind mower in our number one position is the flexible connection, the mower following the contour of the ground, delivering a uniform grass height.

Installation is relatively simple, all you need is to attach the free-floating hitch to the ATV. The product comes with a detailed manual that is easy to understand. 

Overall, we highly recommend this mower and for more client reviews, you can check Amazon.

ATV Pull Behind Mower – Guide

Basically, this kind of mower is more suitable for heavy-duty tasks and would be perfect for farmlands, commercial lands, or any other large fields. It has a far stouter design than a regular lawnmower, which allows you to cover more ground. 

There are three types of tow-behind mowers: gang reel mowers, finish-cut mowers, and rough-cut mowers. Gang reel mowers and finish cut mowers are ideal for sports and athletic fields but are not ideal for cutting high weeds. Rough-cut mowers, on the other hand, are ideal for cutting through heavily dense bushes and small twigs. 

Before choosing which tow-behind mower is perfect for you, it is best to first consider your ATV’s towing capacity. To avoid complications, check with the manufacturer and make sure not to tow more weight than your ATV can handle.

How to use an ATV pull-behind mower

An ATV pulled behind the mower is easy to use. You just hook the mower behind your ATV and drive through the terrain you want to go through. Tow-behind mowers are easy to hitch and haul behind your ATV. Hinges are also adjustable to the left or right to allow more ground coverage. 

When starting off, break your engine in slowly by starting at low gear. After a while, you can increase your speed to 5mph at most. Keep in mind that you should not use this kind of mower in high areas where there are slopes more than 15° in angle. This is to avoid accidents wherein the mower and the ATV might roll over. Another good practice when using pull-behind mowers is to not mow over the wet or dewy grass. Wet grass will form clumps and could possibly clog your mower. 

Benefits of ATV lawn mower pulled behind

Not completely sold yet? Let’s talk about why the ATV pull-behind mower benefits you. Instead of exerting all that manual energy, it makes the process of cutting the lawn more efficient and quick to accomplish. It’s as simple as just driving through the whole field and letting the mower do the work for you. 

Depending on what type of tow-behind mower you get, most of these mowers are built to force-cut through much thicker materials that a regular lawn mower can’t possibly do. Most of these mowers are also built to allow the mower to follow the contour of the terrain to ensure precise cuts. 


To ensure maximum productivity with less physical effort, consider getting towed behind mowers. Not only are they extremely easy to use, but they provide you with optimum results. Stubborn and thick weeds on your field should not be a problem anymore. These pull-behind motors will surely give you the help you need in taming your grassy fields.