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One of the most fulfilling jobs is to work in landscaping or cultivate your own garden. As they are extremely fulfilling but could feel a bit daunting at times. Seeding, fertilizing, mowing, and edging activities are all essential to maintaining a good garden, but these tasks can be hard to accomplish manually.

Are you looking for an efficient device to ease up your planting or landscaping needs using an ATV? Then, an ATV spreader could just be what you need. This article will cover all-purpose spreaders, that can spread fertilizer or seeds but are not as good as those exclusively designed for that purpose. For example, spreading seeds requires a fine control that allows you to select the optimum amount of seeds to be dispersed on an area. While you can use these basic spreaders for almost any task, keep in mind that they lack the precision required for some tasks. Over-fertilizing or seeding can have a negative impact on your lawn or culture.

Best ATV Spreader Reviews

Best ATV All-Purpose Spreader – Buyers Products UTVS16 UTV All-Purpose Spreader with Mount

This spreader is currently the best-seller in the ATV/UTV all-purpose spreaders. With a capacity of 15 gallons, it’s fit for small to medium tasks.

The hopper is smaller than the other ones offered by the competition. While it’s not fit for enormous landscaping tasks, it’s still the best ATV spreader because of its high-quality build. As the hopper and most of the product are constructed from strong poly, you can be sure it’s almost indestructible. Another advantage of its build is that the hopper will not rust if you use it to spread salt or fertilizer.

It can spread salt, seed, feed, and fertilizer to a range of up to 30 ft, a more than adequate range for this small spreader. The 12V motor is sealed completely, dust or rain can not get in.

You can control how much material is spreading using the built-in feed gate.

Attaching it is done using a 2-inch receiver hitch that can be installed on any ATV/UTV.

Best ATV Fertilizer Spreader – Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 Seed Spreader, 80-Pound

Field Tuff’s spreader is one of the easiest-to-use spreaders ever. Connecting it is done with a 2-inch receiver, which is included in the package and is relatively simple.

It’s a suitable spreader for the money you’ll spend on it; it can hold up to 8 gallons of seeds or fertilizer. A nice touch is the rain cover that can protect your seeds and the spreader from heavy rain.

The motor is a 570rpm, which is more than enough to spread the seeds to 12 feet maximum.

It’s convenient as the controls can be reached without raising the seat.

Overall, this is a good spreader, worthy to be in our best ATV spreader guide, you will not be disappointed in it.

Best ATV Seed Spreader​ – Moultrie ATV Fertilizer Spreader – Manual Feed Gate

As you may notice from the title, this is a manual feed spreader. Moultrie is a heavy-duty spreader with a plastic hopper capacity of up to 100 lbs. Don’t worry about being made from plastic as this plastic is extremely durable.

It can be attached to any ATV on the market as it comes with a universal mounting bracket. Detaching it is also simple as it has a built-in quick-release system designed to maximize the work and reduce the installation time. A 12V motor powers it, the motor does not require changing the battery on the ATV as it can work with any ATV battery.

There is no limit to what it can spread, as the hopper can be filled with seeds or fertilizer, and with a simple adjustment, you can customize the spreading rate.

Guide Gear ATV/UTV or Utility Tractor Heavy Duty Receiver Mount Spreader, 125 lb.

The spreader with the largest capacity in our guide. It can hold up to 125 lbs of seeds or fertilizer, even salt in the hopper.

It is relatively simple to install and use it. The controls are accessible from the seat and do not require tweaks like in other models.

The range is also more than decent, as 12 feet maximum is enough for most landscaping tasks.

It can be attached to any ATV/UTV or even a small tractor that uses a 2-inch hitch.

Best ATV Spreaders Guide

An ATV spreader is a device that can be attached and is used to distribute free-flowing materials such as salt, seeds, fertilizer, and feeds across.

ATV spreaders typically consist of a tapered hopper that is mounted at the back of your all-terrain vehicle. Hoppers look like giant funnels where the materials to be distributed are loaded. Depending on the manufacturer, hoppers can be made out of plastic, stainless steel, polymer, or a combination of the three. Hopper capacities range from 50–120 lbs of dry material.

Most ATV spreader units come with a 12-volt motor that controls the speed and rate at which materials are dispensed on the land, and the motor works with the battery of the ATV. Spreaders also have built-in shut-off feed gates to help regulate the flow of materials coming out of the spreader. Shut-off feed gates can be controlled by either pressing a button (for electric feed gates) or using adjustable gate controls.

ATV spreaders may also come with a rain cover to protect your grains, seeds, and other materials from the rain and other elements.

How can you use a spreader on your ATV?

Simply mount your ATV spreader at the rear rack of your vehicle by using a hitch. Certain spreader units can also be mounted in front of your ATV. On-off toggle switches and buttons for feed gate controls are usually mounted on your ATV’s handlebars.

Once the spreader is in place, fill the hopper with the materials to distribute across your land. This could be seeds, salt, fertilizer, ice, feeds, and other similar materials for your lawn.

Turn on the motor and adjust the feed gates to your desired spread rate. You may now proceed to dispense your materials all over your land space.


There are plenty of benefits to using ATV spreaders:

Spreading takes a lot less time

It’s indeed hard to do manual spreading by hand, especially if you have a large piece of land to cover. It’s also time-consuming and generally an inefficient way to work your property manually. 

An ATV spreader takes out the inconvenience of manually spreading various materials across a large piece of land. Using a spreader gets the job done hassle-free and fast.

Efficiency and precision distributing materials

Using an ATV spreader helps dispense materials equally and consistently across your land area. Adjusting the feed gates on your unit lets you fully control how much of a material is dispensed on a certain part of your lawn or land. This would be hard to achieve if you’re doing manual spreading work.

Great for heavy-duty spreading

ATV spreaders are a sound investment if you need to do spreading work most of the time on large areas of your land. Most units are tough, built to last, and can withstand harsh weather conditions. You can never go wrong with purchasing a heavy-duty spreader unit.


ATV spreaders are great tools for doing a large number of land work such as fertilizing, mowing, seeding, edging, and dethatching. These units are motor-powered and are mounted on ATV rears, filled with materials to be dispensed, and run across the entire land area. ATV spreaders are indeed a great tool for your gardening and landscaping needs.