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Often, we need to carry different things with our ATVs, and without a storage box or a basket rack, it can be difficult.

A mounted ATV storage box brings lots of conveniences as we can store tools or hardware and be sure that they are safe and protected from the elements. Storage boxes protect the items inside from dust, rain, or even snow.

In our quest to find the best ATV storage box, we’ve reviewed several models sold on Amazon to get to the top of the list.

Best ATV Storage Box Reviews

Black Widow ATV-CB-8015 Locking ATV Cargo Box

Black Widow’s cargo box offers generous space, you can fit lots of things because of the 9,800 cubic inches capacity of this ATV storage box. 

The box can be completely locked, so you don’t have to worry about someone trying to steal from inside it. The Black Widow cargo box features a tongue and groove seal that keeps outside elements from entering it.

As it can be attached to the back, it has a cushioned backrest for the driver to support its back on it. Keep in mind that this ATV cargo box can be installed only on the back of the ATV, as the box has multiple reflectors for better nighttime visibility.

Mounting has never been easier, due to its four U-bolts, it literally takes a few minutes to install it on position. 

A thing that we love about this storage box is the material from which is built, polyethylene, a high-density material capable of taking lots of shocks before breaking. 

Overall, we consider the Black Widow ATV-CB-8015 model to be the best ATV storage box for the money.

Kolpin Rear Trail Box – 93201

Due to its intelligent design, the Kolpin Storage Box can hold multiple items without any sacrifices. 

Like all modern storage boxes, this one is also made from polyethylene, and the difference is that is a low-density polyethylene engineered to withstand UV rays and outside conditions. 

The Kolpin Trail Box is a tough carbo box, the manufacturer made the lid from two pieces for extra strength. A special rack for it is available from the manufacturer but must be purchased separately, we would’ve preferred to be sold as a package.

As the Black Widow storage box, it also features 2 reflective areas. 

If you don’t mind that it does not have a backrest, then this model is great, it’s big enough and the price-quality ratio is really good.

Plano Storage Trunk – 108 Quart w/Wheels (1919) – Black

Plano’s Storage box is not advertised directly for ATVs but with a few tweaks, it can be converted into a full storage box for ATVs. We loved using this as a cargo box because of its built quality, it’s reinforced to support heavy damage. 

Keep in mind that this storage box comes with wheels, you can detach them if they inconvenience you.

In order to attach the storage box to the back of the ATV, you’ll need 4 1.5-inches U-bolts. Position the box according to your needs and mark the holes spot.

Drill the holes and connect the U-bolts so the box rests firmly. 

ATV Storage Boxes Guide

Now, what would make your ATVs better? Well maybe, it is safe to say an ATV storage box! No one can have too many storage boxes, right? ATVs can have a trail box, lounger, or even a rear padded backrest. 

What is an ATV storage box? It is a heavy-duty storage box that can fit on your ATV, similar to ATV toolboxes. Some brands offer either soft or hard storage options. This allows your ATVs to become more useful on the trail or even at the campsite. If you are looking for a passenger seat with storage, then look at our best passenger backseat top as we reviewed several of them.

There are storage boxes that are water & dust-free because of their semi-rigid internal core and water-resistant fabrics. Some have an opening through the rear which gives easy access whenever you need something. There are designs with double-wall lid construction to ensure rigidity, which will also allow the box to carry extra weight if needed (optional).

It can hold hunting gear, work gear, and even some camping supplies. These storage boxes can also accommodate one or two adult helmets up to extra-large size with extra room. There are some products that offer automotive-style weather sealing, which helps in keeping these gears dry. There are lids that have two rubber latches to completely seal your box, and it is commonly provided with a lock or a padlock. 

Some ATV storage boxes have padded backrests and seat pads for added comfort for the driver. Others have one to two water bottle holders that can easily zip closed when not in use. Also, some may have red reflectors for security purposes as you ride on your ATV.

The common dimensions of storage boxes easily fit any kind of ATV. It is usually reinforced through quick-release buckles or mounting straps that make it an easy on/off the box for your ATV. However, there are some products that have metal D-ring tie-downs on the perimeter to allow various mounting options.

These storage boxes allow you to become more organized whenever you travel off-highway. There are designs that even allow you to have a gallon fuel pack on their covers. Surely, you would have storage for all your things for hunting, camping, or even just working.

Now, do not worry if you do not know how to mount a storage box because these things come with their own manuals. The manuals will make your life easier by simply following the step-by-step guide to putting your storage box on. 

ATV storage boxes are weather-proof, washable, and can easily be taken off. So if you need extra space for your things and you do not want to wear a backpack, here is the thing for you. These storage boxes do not replace basket racks, they can complement each other.

Updated on March 7, 2023