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Do you plan to plant some vegetables on your plot? Perhaps you would like to have some vibrant flowers on your lawn. What can you do in these circumstances? The best option is to get a good ATV tiller attachment, especially if you have a big space that must be tilled. Finding the best ATV tiller is simple using our guide, pick the right tiller based on your needs.

Best ATV Cultivator and Tillers Reviews

King Kutter Flip Over Disc – Best ATV Cultivator

One of the most appreciated tillers available on sale. This model from King Kutter is a pull-behind tiller for ATVs, designed to withstand the most robust uses. Because of its width, it can fit easily in tight areas.

It is one of the more expensive products, but in this case, the price is a reflection of the high-quality built of it. King Kutter’s Flip Over Disk Cultivator is capable of plowing through hard soil with ease. Until the disk breaks the ground, it is a little wobble, so start slowly and accelerate as the disk gets more in the soil. After the disk breaks the soil, it’s stable and does not wobble.


  • Best selling cultivator
  • High quality


  • Expensive

Husqvarna 40″ Tiller

Husqvarna is one of the most respected brands; they build accessories and tools to last for a long time. You can tell that Husqvarna took its time when designing it.

Because of the design of the disks, it can be used before seeding lawn seeds. The distance between inner disks is small to medium, resulting in uniform plowed soil. This Disc Cultivator from Husqvarna is great for landscaping lawns; the soil prior plowed with it is ideal for grass seeds.


  • Durable
  • High quality


Small diameter

Field Tuff FTF-811DHSH 39″ Tiller

A relatively cheaper alternative to some disk tillers from our list. But the lower price does not mean it’s a lousy tiller. As the price-quality ratio, it’s what most people need. Made entirely from hardened steel, capable of withstanding almost any task. It’s a good disk for small to medium-width portions of land. It can be extended to 39″ width by modifying the position of the adjustable screws. It contains eight-disc blades that can be angled up to 20 degrees.

The frame was designed by Field Tuff to support the extra weight, adding cement blocks to plow hard trough soil is an option.


  • Inexpensive
  • Good for medium surfaces


  • In time it may rust

Agri-Fab Ground-Engaging Attachment Sleeve Hitch Disc Cultivator 45-0266

As most tillers are designed to be almost the width of the ATV, there is a limit to how many disks the manufacturers can add to the plows. Most of the tillers have eight disks like this Agri-Fab.

This plow is composed of two solid-duty rollers, and in between is a solid axle. It can be connected with a Sleeve Hitch Adapter or a CAT-0 hitch. Unfortunately, these hitches have to be bought separately as the manufacturers do not include them in the package.


  • Large tilling surface
  • Heavy-duty construction


Accessories can be bought separately

Kolpin Cultivator Set CT036

The design of the Kolpin Cultivator is different from any other disk plow, harrow, or tiller. Instead of using disks, the manufacturers implemented a system with tines. CT036’s tines are reversibly sweepable. It comes with six tines that accommodate another accessory made by Kolpin, they’re toolbars. Sadly, the accessory toolbars are sold separately.

One disadvantage of this implementation is that on soil with tall and dense grass, it will clog and end in multiple stops to remove the grass and debris.


  • Reversible tines
  • Can be used with other Kolpin accessories


  • Can get clogged with grass

Brinly PP-51BH Sleeve Hitch Tow Behind Moldboard Plow

Brinly PP-51BH is an ATV tow behind tiller, and it relies on the power of the ATV. A stronger ATV will be capable of pulling this plow without any drama. It’s composed of a single 10-inch steel plow. It can carve up to 12 inches of hard soil, being fully adjustable from 8 to 12-inch cut width. As a result, it’s going to be easier to cultivate the garden soil.

To be attached, you need to purchase a sleeve hitch because Brinly does not include it in the package. But fortunately, a generic hitch will do.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to attach
  • Durable


  • Small tilled area

ATV Tiller Guide

An ATV Tiller also known as a disk plow, is ideal for those individuals who like to make short work of their important tilling requirements. The heavy-duty disk plows power through rocky, tough soil. It converts the solid soil into fertile ground for planting. Are you currently considering preparing significant areas of land and making seedbeds faster? Then an ATV tiller might be the perfect piece of gear you are looking for. Owning the best ATV cultivator can make the task of planting simple and easy.

Why Do You Need an ATV Tiller?

Tilling is how you get your soil ready for planting. Hands down, tilling is considered the most time-consuming and challenging part of any landscaping project. The issue is that the soil is not always good and ready to be planted as it lays. We need to plow it, so the ground is more aerated and less compacted.

The soil has many issues. It might be full of rocks, might be hard-packed, or have some weeds in it. Each of those aspects makes it very difficult for flowers and vegetables to grow and thrive. On the other hand, plowing your soil makes it more appropriate for plants to grow in it quickly. 

Not to mention that tilling makes it possible for you to fertilize the ground using fertilizers. Tilling could be done by hand, but it’s back-breaking and exhausting labor. An ATV tiller makes the job simple and painless because these accessories will get the most complicated parts completed for you. While we do have some recommendations, only you can decide which is the best ATV cultivator based on your needs. 

Is it Necessary to Have an ATV Tiller Attachment?

A tiller attachment is an essential item for any gardener or farmer who owns an ATV and wants the use its versatility of it to complete other tasks. Are you a landscaper? An ATV tiller is just ideal for you. Some builders might find it practical as well. This will be an asset to anybody who requires a bigger portion of land to be cultivated. An ATV tiller is suitable for you if you need fresh soil for anything. Using an ATV cultivator makes the task of planting vegetables take less time and with less effort.

What types of ATV-attached tillers can you use?

You will find two types of ATV tiller when we talk about propulsion – either you push them in front of you or pull them along behind your ATV. 

An excellent advantage of a tow-behind ATV tiller is that they are simple to control. Walk-behind tillers often need a bit of strength to manage them and keep them moving in a straight line. On the other hand, a tow-behind ATV tiller allows you to ride on your ATV, and enjoy the entire process, seeing better the piece of land on which you work. As the attachment is pulled or pushed, you do not need to become a bodybuilder to utilize this equipment.

With that in mind, the pull behind ATV tillers might be more straightforward for older people to use. What’s more, ATV-pulled cultivators will offer all the strength needed for the task to be done.