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Finding the best ATV winch can be a daunting task without the proper information. The models listed below are the short list of over 20 ATV winch models we’ve tested and reviewed.

Best ATV Winches Reviews

WARN 101020 VRX 25-S Powersports Winch Review

A really powerful winch supports up to 4,500 lbs depending on the version. Because of the size and power, the Warn 101020 VRX can be attached even to smaller ATVs in the 2,500-lb version.

This Warn winch is a little expensive but it’s worth it, everything about it is high-quality. Warn 25-S Powersports is made from metal, powder-coated for corrosion resistance. The winch is rated IP68 for water resistance, withstanding full immersion in water. The gearbox features planetary gear, having lots of torque to pull yourself out in any situation. The motor is built using permanent magnets and runs on 12V.

The cable is actually a really strong synthetic rope but you can purchase a metal rope additionally. The hook is made from metal, zinc-plated to last for a long time.

Our Warn winch reviews are based on a series of tests designed to find the limit of the winch. During testing, Warn VRX was established as the best ATV winch for the money.

Champion ATV/UTV Winch Kit Review

A strong ATV winch, capable of pulling up to 3000 lbs due to its 1 HP powerful magnetic motor.

The kit includes a roller fairlead, mounting channel, and handlebar-mounted remote control for easier usage.

The length of the rope is 49 ft. The rope is made from super-duty aircraft cable. You don’t need to worry about breaking, as it may withstand all kinds of abuse.

The main feature of this winch is its gearbox and dynamic braking system. The gearbox is built as a planetary gearbox, making it really efficient in delivering high torque.

SuperATV Electric 12V 3500 lb Black Ops UTV / ATV Winch Kit Review

The thing we love most about this SuperATV Winch Kit is its mounting system. It can be attached to all ATVs, not being restricted to mounting it in any part of the ATV.

This 12V electric winch can pull a maximum of 3500 lbs because of its 1.2 HP electric motor. The gearbox is extremely strong, having a 166:1 ratio, delivering big amounts of torque.

Another plus for this wench kit is it’s wireless remote, being capable to pull from a distance and not be close to the ATV is a great feature.

The kit includes a 50feet synthetic rope and wireless remote. Depending on the period, the manufacturer might include different accessories, be sure to check its page for an updated list.

If you ask any ATV fanatic, they are sure to tell you stories of getting into a precarious situation or a deep mud-hole and not being able to get the ATV unstuck or out of the potentially risky situation. Most of these ATV fanatics will tell you that their ATV winch saved the day. What is an ATV winch, and what are the benefits you can get from buying this product? Keep on reading for more information.

What Is an ATV Winch?

A winch is a device that can be attached to an ATV, it exerts a force that drags one object toward another with the use of a rope or cable. Any object has the slightest resistance, or the lightest is the one that moves. Once the ATV is trapped or jammed in a muddy or watery area, you are able to secure the cable or the rope from the ATV winch to a more massive object that can serve as an anchor. Then you fit the winch into place and let the motor rotate the drum. As the ATV winch pulls in the rope, the ATV will move toward the anchor. Once all goes well, your car will be free from being stuck.

ATV Winches Basics

Before you go and buy an ATV winch, here are some tips and ideas about winches that may assist you along the way. ATV winches can pull from 1,000 to 4,500 pounds, and their cable or rope diameter varies between 3/16 inch to ¼ inch, and the length can be 25 feet to 60 feet.

ATV winches are intended and made to fit anywhere on ATV vehicles just as long as there is a frame for it to be attached to. If you choose to ride on flat tracks, then pick an ATV winch with a short pull, but be very careful as there is a load limit for short hauls.

If you want something sophisticated, you can try another kind of winch, which is the self-recovery and portable winches. They can handle heavier loads of 5,000 to 15,000 pounds, and the rope diameters are approximately 5/16 inch to 7/16 inch. This type of winch works very well on road tracks. For beginners, it is vital to ask the salesperson or ask friends who have experience in purchasing ATV winches prior to committing yourself to one.

Perks of using a winch on an ATV

ATV winches offer many benefits. Some of these are listed below.

  • Free Your All-Terrain Vehicle: For frequent off-roaders like you, you will see that your All-Terrain Vehicle can get caught or trapped in the mud, sand, or sludge terrains. This is where an ATV winch can help- you are able to be free from being stuck in virtually any case or situation.
  • ATV Winches are Multipurpose: Even if made particularly for ATVs, these winches can be used in various conditions. If you are in need of pulling power while you are out in nature, an ATV winch is the perfect equipment to fall back on.
  • Extremely Powerful: Before you need to push and pull your ATV using your hand once it gets stuck in mud or sand and hoping you are powerful enough to load it back onto your car. ATV winches will do the hard work on your behalf, allowing you to take pleasure in the adrenaline rush of your pastime.
  • Semi-Permanent: If you find permanently attaching something to your car annoying, then a semi-permanent ATV winch provides no commitment while offering lots of power. It is ideal if you are just off-roading now and then.

Best ATV Winch – Conclusion

If you are serious about using your ATV for multiple tasks, then an ATV winch is a vital accessory. It offers lots of benefits. But, remember that are lots of differences between models so finding the best ATV winch is essential.

Updated on March 7, 2023