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Bike covered

Biking is an exciting and relaxing activity. You get to go places, and you exercise at the same time. But nowadays, a high-quality bike is quite expensive. Not everyone can afford it. Especially if you go for a folding bike. It is ideal for small storage spaces, but the price…let’s just say that you forget about it.

Knowing that a bike is expensive if you own one you will do everything to provide proper protection. You invest in a secure locking system, you clean the chain and the wheels regularly, and you polish it now and then. But have you ever tried a bike cover? I didn’t even know they exist until a couple of years back. I find them very useful.

The benefits of a bike cover

Even though there aren’t many advantages, I think they are essential for any bike owner who respects his or her wheels. As long as you do something to keep the integrity of your bike, it’s worth it.

  • A bicycle cover will protect your bike from anything that may cause damage, such as water, powerful sun rays, the wind, and dust particles. Water may damage the chain and the entire pedaling system, while the sun can damage the paint and the tires. All those factors can lead to early corrosion, which I bet you don’t want.
  • The bike will always look good – a bicycle is like a car. When you love your bike, you want it to look shiny and new at all times. After all, the bike’s aspect is a reflection of your care. A bike cover will ensure that you don’t have to clean it more often. Quite the contrary. You will be cleaning less than before. 
  • It can ‘repel’ unwanted users – people who don’t have bikes and visit people who do usually want to try the bicycle. I admit that I am a selfish person and I don’t appreciate that. That is one of the reasons I keep it covered. When someone comes over and sees the cover on the bike, he or she no longer asks for a ride around the block. Problem fixed.
  • Maintenance costs are reduced – if you are like me, then you have a few items that you installed aftermarket. You may have a Bluetooth speaker or a particular lighting system. Whatever you have, the cover will protect it. If you keep your bike in your yard, there is no reason you should even take them off when you no longer use the bike. You can simply cover it, and the next time you want to go for a ride, everything will be set. You don’t need to assemble and disassemble the gadgets you mounted on the bike. Since everything under the cover is protected, you will not have to spend money on replacing things that get damaged.
  • It looks very cool – I know this is a shallow reason, but why not? A bike cover made of high-quality materials will look awesome on your bike. It would be like you are protecting something of high value. For you it is, but other people don’t know that.

How to choose the best bike cover

It’s not rocket science, but it can be confusing for individuals who have no idea what they are looking for. That is why it’s recommended you do some research before making a purchase. Since you are reading this right now, you are on the right path. Some of the concerns are subjective, such as color or patterns. As far as aesthetics is concerned, you can make whatever decision you like. However, the objective concerns are always the same. Here is what I am talking about.

  • Durability – look to see the thread count of the cover. The higher the number, the more resilient the material. You need to pay attention to this because you don’t want to buy another cover next year, do you? It’s best if you spend a few extra bucks now and purchase a high-quality bike cover than to buy a new one in a year or two. Don’t you think? Plus, think how easily the cover can get snagged if you accidentally hook it on something you are not supposed to.
  • Waterproof – it’s entirely useless to buy a cover that is not waterproof. What good will it do if the water can get through the cover and damage your bicycle? None. It’s pointless. That is why you need to look for a waterproof bike cover. It is usually made of nylon, a material that doesn’t allow water to penetrate the fabric. But you should know that most bicycle covers are waterproof, so you won’t have any trouble finding one. 
  • Brand – I know a lot of people who value brands more than they should. I am not saying the big brands don’t manufacture high-quality bike covers. I only want to point out that small manufacturers can do a similar job for less money. I guess you are aware that you are paying for the label, right? I found excellent bike covers that are made by some brands that no one ever heard of. And it shouldn’t matter that much. As long as your bike is adequately protected, do you care what it says on the label?
  • Extra features – I know that it doesn’t matter to everyone, but I think some of the additional features are important. For example, some models have a buckle that goes around the handles. That keeps the cover in place. And if there is a strong wind, the cover will not fly miles away. Also, another thing that I find useful I that some models come with eyelets that allow locking the bike without pulling up the cover from the wheel. The spikes are made of metal, and if you expose them to water, they can rust. You see my point I guess.
  • Size – I almost forgot about that. Not all covers can fit all bikes. They are different when this aspect is concerned. Make sure that you read the specification before you make a purchase. Otherwise, you may end up with a product you don’t need and with the trouble of returning it. 
  • Aesthetics – this is not as important as the other aspects, but it still matters to some people. After all, you are not buying an ugly sack, but a cover for your beautiful bike. It makes sense that the cover should be just as appealing, not for practical reasons, but for your peace of mind.

What are the best bike covers?

If you have done this before, then you don’t need my suggestions because you know exactly what you want. However, if you are a confused amateur, then my advice may help you. I searched and found three of the best bike covers in an affordable price range. I am sure that one of them is what you want.

Ohuhu Bike Cover

This bike cover is made of high-quality 210T nylon. It has the ideal density, and the fabric feels sturdy enough to last a few good years. Since it’s made of nylon, the cover is completely waterproof. It doesn’t matter whether you keep your bike indoors or outdoors, as long as it’s covered, the bicycle will maintain its integrity. Not a single drop of water will touch it. Dust doesn’t stand a chance either. 

The silver side protects from damaging UV rays. They usually affect the coating of the bike, and it makes it look wiped out. The SPF is somewhere around 40. The buckle at the bottom will stabilize the cover on top of the bicycle, which comes in handy when the wind is blowing or when there is a storm. Ideally, you wouldn’t let yourself bike outdoors when there is a storm coming, but people sometimes forget.

The Ohuhu bike can accommodate almost all mountain bikes and road bikes. As long as the wheels are below 29 inches, you should be okay. The cover features eyelets in front of the bike so you can secure the locking system while you keep the bike away from wind and rain. You will also receive a pouch where you can store the cover. It folds down to a compact size for your convenience.

Haixun Bike Cover

This one shares some similarities with the previous model, especially when the design is concerned. The colors are the same, but there are a few things that make a difference. For example, this model is made out of nylon, but it only has 190T instead of 210T. That means it’s not as dense and not as durable. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth your attention. It still is a high-quality bike cover that will meet the purpose for which it was created.

Just like the previous model, the Haixun is also waterproof. I suppose you already figured that out since the cover is made of nylon. That will ensure your bike will not be affected by water in any way. Rust and corrosion have no chance in a dry environment. The eyelets in front of the cover will allow you to lock the bicycle without having to uncover the front wheel, and the hem with the lock will ensure that strong wind won’t blow the cover away.

The Haixun bike cover will protect your bicycle against damage created by the sun, dust, rain, snow, and ice. All these elements can cause some serious damage, all of which you have to pay for after it’s done. Investing in a good bike cover will spare you such expenses. The cover folds to a compact size, and it’s easy to carry and store. The special little pouch that comes with it will make sure of that.

Intey Bike Cover

The Intey bike cover has a heavy-duty exterior made of superior 210T Oxford polyester. It’s lightweight, and durable, won’t tear anytime soon and will provide maximum protection for your bike. It doesn’t matter whether the bicycle is outdoors or indoors. There are damaging elements in both places.

This cover will protect from wind, rain, dust, and scratches. It is completely waterproof and windproof, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting your bike outside. The built-in straps will keep the cover in place even when there is a high wind blowing. It even protects the bicycle from damaging sun rays with an SPF of 40+. During hot summer days, the sun can damage the coating of the bike, as well as the tires and other elements. Long-time exposure can lead to decaying, but a high-quality cover such as this one will prevent that from happening.

The Intey bike cover is suitable for any mountain bike, road bike, or race bike that has a 26-inch wheel or lower. It is easy to set up, and it folds to a compact size. You will receive a drawstring sack for safe and convenient storage and travel.

My recommendation

If you take a closer look, you will notice that all three bike covers are almost the same. They have the same features and colors. However, the Intey bike cover has a better design. I like the way it fits on the bicycle, and the material feels sturdy and durable. That is why I consider the Intey model is one of the best bike covers on the market.


You should never underestimate the power of a bike cover. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t always have a bike cover. As I said, I learned about their existence a few years ago. Comparing cover and no cover, I noticed the following things. One, the color keeps its shine and ‘vitality.’ Two, the tires don’t need pumping as much. And three, since I have the cover, I never had to clean the rims of rust. For me, that is enough. It should be for you too. One of the three products above is perfect for a tryout. After all, they are pretty cheap.

Updated on March 7, 2023