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Biking is one of the people’s favorite hobbies. It is an excellent workout, you get to breathe in the fresh air, and you get to spend some time with amazing people. A lot of people are into cycling, which is why there is an entire industry related to it. However, one of the most important aspects of cycling is safety. Nothing matters if you do not feel safe. That is why you must take all precautions before going for a bike ride. One of these precautions is installing the best bike mirror you can get.

Visibility is one of the most important things when you are on a bike. You must know what is around you at all times. Otherwise, you may end up injuring yourself. There are many bike accidents every year, and many of them happen because the riders are not aware of their surroundings. While a bicycle mirror will not solve all your problems, it will help you a great deal.

How does a bike mirror help you?

You may think that a bike mirror is a simple accessory, but it can prevent accidents. We all know how important are mirrors when it comes to cars, so why would they lose significance when it comes to bicycles? Here is how a rear bike mirror can help you.

You will not have to swerve anymore – whenever you want to take a left, for example, without a mirror, you have to turn your head to see if something is coming from behind you. Some people happen to swerve a little when they do that. It is a naturally occurring movement that can lead to serious injuries. If something is indeed coming from behind, the swerve may cause a crash. However, if you have a rear bike mirror, you keep your head relatively straight, and there is no risk of wrong swerving.

You have better visibility – that is a no-brainer. After all, the whole point of a bike mirror is to increase visibility. That way you are aware of your surroundings at all times. Even if there is nothing behind you, a mirror will give you a sense of security.

Group biking is safe – if you like to go group biking, then you know that the space around you can get crowded at times. That is where a bike mirror intervenes. Since there are several bikes around you, it is important to know each of their positions. That will keep you safe, and at the same time, it can prevent a mass crash. In a large group, when a biker falls, chances are that a lot of the bikers in his or her proximity will fall as well.


Just like with any other item, bike mirrors come with a few disadvantages as well. I do not think they are serious, but for the sake of full disclosure, I am going to list them for you.

Blind spots – you have them when you are in your car, and you have them when you are on your bike. A bike mirror cannot possibly show every little spot behind you. However, it can provide the visibility you need to be safe if you adjust it correctly. Some people purchase rear bike mirrors, but at the same time, they turn their heads on occasion.

Sunlight reflection – when you ride your bike at sunset, and the sun is right behind you, the reflection of the light may disturb you. However, in such cases, you can readjust the mirror and be on your way, I do not see other disadvantages. Even if there are, I still consider a bike mirror useful. You can get over the fact that it bothers you or that it occupies too much space on the horns, but at the end of the day, safety comes first.

How to choose the best bike mirror

If you agree that a bike mirror is a must, then let’s get to the part where you have to choose a model. If you do not know which one to go for, let me give you some tips on things you need to consider before making a purchase.

Right or left installation – depending on what the rules are in your country, you may have to install the mirror on the left side of the horns or the right side. However, not all models can be installed on both sides, so make sure to check that aspect before buying a particular product.

Size – when it comes to bike mirrors, bigger is not necessarily better. That is because a large size can become disruptive. Choose a medium size mirror, and you should be able to handle all situations very well.

Compatibility – there are countless bike models, and not all mirrors can be installed on all of them. The installation must be compatible with the horns. Look at the thickness of your handlebar, and take it from there. Also, there are specific brands of bicycles that recommend a certain variety of mirrors that go with their models. You could listen to them and make your job easier.

Adjustability – that may be one of the most important aspects of the rear bike mirror. You must be able to adjust it according to your bike and according to your size. The purpose is to achieve ideal visibility. You cannot do that with a static mirror. Also, the level of adjustability is important. There are bike mirrors out there that can pivot in all directions. I recommend that you look at those first.

Construction – buying a high-quality rear bike mirror will spare you from making another purchase anytime soon. Look for one that looks sturdy and is made of high-quality materials. You may be spending a few extra bucks now, but in the long run, you will save money.

Stainless steel lens – instead of glass, I recommend you go for stainless steel. It is unbreakable, and it is a lot safer in case of an accident. Stainless steel will not break and stab you in the eye during a crash.

Price – budgeting is very important. Bike mirrors are not very expensive, generally speaking. There may be models that are out of your price range, but that does not mean you cannot find the best bike mirrors at low prices. All you have to do is search thoroughly.

Safety recommendations

To achieve maximum safety, you need to take other precautions as well. Mirrors are an excellent start but do not stop there. Invest in lights and safety gear. In all honesty, the more safety accessories you have, the better chance of getting out okay out of a situation you have.

What are the best bike mirrors?

There are so many models out there that you do not know where to start. It may prove to be difficult to make a choice. However, I put together three rear bike mirrors reviews that should be of help. Enjoy!

Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mountain Bicycle Mirror

Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mountain Bicycle Mirror

If you own a mountain bike, then this model may be one of the best rear mirrors you can buy. It measures 3 inches in diameter, so it is not too big or too small. It will provide the right amount of visibility you need to ride your bike safely down the streets. You can install it on the left side of the handlebar or on the right, whichever side you need.

The convex mirror has a durable construction, and you can install it on the very end of the handlebar. It will fit a variety of bars with different diameters from 13.75 to 22.5 mm. All you have to do is cut the grip until it fits your bike. One of the best things is that it will not occupy too much space. Some people hate the fact that their handlebars are full of accessories, but this is not the case.

As far as adjustability goes, you can pivot the mirror however you like. You can adjust the visibility very easily, and achieving perfect visibility is possible. The pivoting featurewell-mademade, and it will not fail to provide the angle you need to feel safe. Installation is a piece of cake. You do not even need help. The installation wrench is included in the package, and the whole thing will take a couple of minutes. People who already bought this product are more than satisfied with their purchase, and according to them, The Mirrycle mirror is compatible with numerous bikes.

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Hafny Magic Handlebar Bike Mirror

Looking for the best bike mirrors, I stumbled upon this model, which is almost perfect for anyone. Keep in mind, though, that you need to choose the right side or the left side mirror because you will not be able to put a right-side model on the left. This mirror was not designed for both sides. I say that because sometimes people forget and they end up with the wrong order.

The Magic bike mirror is ideal for MTB Flat Bar, but there are other models of bikes with which it is compatible. It fits a 22.2 mm outside handlebar, but as long as the screw can be tightened in place, the handlebar can be thicker than that. The stainless steel mirror lens makes this product perfectly safe and unbreakable. Many people worry that in case of an accident, the mirror may break and cause severe injuries. It is not the case with this mirror. The worst-case scenario is that the mirror will bend.

The rest of the mirror is made from sturdy materials, of nylon and fiber. It is durable and eco-friendly. You can adjust it in whatever you like. You can achieve the perfect angle for better visibility of what is happening behind you. Installation is very easy. You have to install the mirror beside the handlebar grip. All you need is a screwdriver, and everything will last just a few minutes. Assistance is not required.

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Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror 

Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror 

This mirror comes from Hafny as well, but it is a lot different than the former model. It is a new and improved model which provides everything you need. You can install it on a road bike, mountain bike, city bike, and even on E-bikes and hybrids. The inside diameter of the mirror handle can accommodate a handlebar with a diameter of 17 mm to 21 mm.

The mirror is installed at the end of the handlebar, which means there will be plenty of space left on it. The lens is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of 68 mm. It is 100% unbreakable and safe. The rest of it is made with high-quality materials which will make the mirror highly durable. Just like the previous model, this mirror is made of nylon and fiber, which means it is eco-friendly.

The best thing about this mirror is its adjustability. It is adjustable 360º, which means you can achieve the perfect angle for maximum visibility. At the same time, 360º adjustability means this mirror can be installed on both the right and left sides. Speaking of installation, it is very easy and can be achieved in a matter of minutes.

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My recommendation

Although all three products seem high-quality and useful, One of the best bike mirrors is Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror. It has a stainless steel lens with the perfect diameter, it is resilient, and what is most useful is that it pivots 360º. That way you do not have to worry about buying a left-side mirror or a right-side one. 


I like safety just like anyone else, which is why I recommend that you purchase a rear bike mirror. You never know when you may need it or what trouble it may get you out of. Whichever product you choose from the ones described above, I am sure it will keep you safe and sound.

Updated on March 13, 2023