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Custom made boomerang

Throwing a boomerang is a fun way to spend a few hours outdoors. You can get over the fact that it can be frustrating until you learn how to throw it, but once you get the hang of it, you will have a lot of fun. You can replace playing catch or whatever else you can do outside, and it can be an exciting thing to teach your kid. The first time I was mesmerized by boomerangs was when I saw some guy on TV who threw one, and it came back in his hands. I was hooked. At that time I promised myself that I would learn how to do it. I never did, by the way, but I had a lot of fun trying.

On the other side, I would not recommend playing with boomerangs if you are not a patient person. While it may seem easy and fun, learning how to catch a boomerang that comes back is seriously tricky. It requires a degree a skill that you cannot comprehend until you try for the first time. So, if you can handle the frustration, you are free to give it a go. If not, all you want to do is throw it away. Just do not forget to look back because it may hit you on the back of your head.

The benefits of buying a boomerang

The decision of purchasing a boomerang is easy to make. You saw one somewhere, or you heard about how fun it can be from a coworker. However, do not underestimate it. Even so, there are a few disadvantages you can enjoy.

Spend time outdoors

Nowadays, few things keep us inside. Inside we have all the entertainment we need, which is why going outside is not in our interest. However, if you do decide to buy a boomerang, you will spend more time outside than you plan to. You say that you will only try to throw it a few times, but the frustration of it not coming back will make you stay for ‘one more throw.’ That one more throw will keep you outside for hours. I say that from experience. 

Learn a new skill

Not many people can say that they can successfully throw and catch a boomerang. In fact, I do not know anyone who can say that. I hoped that I would be that person. I was not because it is an incredibly hard skill to learn, but you can try. Maybe you are better at it than I am. 

Spend some quality time with your family

While grown-ups do not see the fun in frustration, children can. It can be fun for them to try the same thing over and over again. Plus, they will have a hard laugh at you when you get annoyed because the boomerang will not come back to you. Not to mention the exercise they will get from running after it. As I said, it is like playing catch. Except that you will not have the catching part as often.

It is fun

Before anything else, learning and throwing a boomerang is fun. That is the most common reason people buy them. To have fun. After all, it belongs to the ‘toys’ category, and the point is to have a good time while handling it. Whether you are alone or with your friends and family, a boomerang is an excellent source of entertainment.

It can be a décor piece

Many people buy boomerangs just because they like their home decorated in tiki or tribal style. A boomerang is a must for this style, and you will find plenty of decorative boomerangs on the market.

How to choose the best boomerang

There are not many things you could say about a boomerang at first glance. Not until you get to play with it, at least. However, in order to get the boomerang that is right for you, there are a few things you can rely on. Things that will ensure you are purchasing the best boomerang.

Size and shape of the boomerang

Not all boomerangs are created equal. That means they come in different shapes and sizes. You would think that they all have the same shape, but they do not. You have the simple design, that is, in fact, the original design, but there are also wavy shapes and the ones that have three or even four arms. Now, there is no such thing as an ideal boomerang as far as shape is concerned, but my advice is to go for the ones that are made following the original design, which dates a very long time ago. As for size, it depends on who you are buying the boomerang for. If you are getting yourself a boomerang, you can buy a large size, but if you are buying it for your child, you should go for a smaller size. The reason is self-explanatory.

The material of the boomerang

Boomerangs are made from different materials. If you want an authentic boomerang, wood is the material you are looking for. However, some manufacturers make great plastic products that have excellent reviews. Keep in mind that wooden boomerangs can be more expensive than plastic. Also, the hand-crafted ones are pricey as well.

Are you a lefty or a righty?

I did not know that until recently, but it seems that you need to purchase a boomerang depending on whether you are right or left-handed. All you need to do is look at the specifications before making a purchase. 

Will it come back?

Since this is one of the functions a boomerang has, you would think that they all come back. That is not true, unfortunately. Some manufacturers do not pay much attention to details, and geometry is fundamental in a boomerang’s design. However, you cannot know that until you buy and learn how to throw it. The best course of action is to read boomerang reviews online. Look at the reviews left by people who have already bought a particular product. They will reveal whether the boomerang in question comes back or not. Also, do not fixate on just a couple of reviews. Some people leave negative reviews just because they do not know how to use them. 

A manual or guide is always useful

While you can read online about techniques and find out several tips, a manual is something that you can take with you outside. This is not a must, but in my experience, it is better to have a manual that comes with the boomerang. It will prove to be extremely useful.

What are the best boomerangs?

The most significant mystery with a boomerang is the coming back part. As I said above, not all manufacturers do a great job at that part, which is why you need to read reviews. Other than that, you should follow the tips I wrote above. Once you have found a product that meets the criteria, you can go on and hit the buy button. However, if you do not want to filter through the numerous products online, you can choose one of the three boomerangs below. They are excellent suggestions, and I am sure you are going to have a lot of fun with one of them.

OMA Boomerang Aboriginal Australian Style Hand Painted Boomerang

OMA Boomerang Aboriginal Australian Style Boomerang

Before getting into details, I must first say that this is one of the prettiest boomerangs I have come across. It has a beautiful design, which makes it possible for you to use it as a decoration piece. Lots of people do it, so why wouldn’t you? It is a piece handcrafted and hand-painted by artisans, and that makes it special. If you are going for a tribal or tiki décor in your home, this boomerang will be a perfect fit.

As for dimensions, the OMA boomerang is 15.5 inches long and 4 inches wide. Just to have a clear picture, this is a large size as far as boomerangs are concerned. It is painted on both sides, and the material used for its manufacture is wood. Since it is designed mostly for decoration purposes, you will also receive a wall hanging.

Even if it is a pretty boomerang, do not go on and think that it will not work. You can play with it as well. However, since it is made of wood and hand-painted, you may want to do it where there is a lot of grass. Otherwise, you may end up with a scratched boomerang, and nobody wants that.

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Colorado Boomerangs – Kangaroo Pelican Boomerang: Best overall

Our pick for the best boomerang: Colorado Kangaroo Pelican Boomerang

Colorado Boomerangs is an excellent boomerang manufacturer. They produce many models, and this one is among the best you will find. One of the things I like about Colorado Boomerangs is that they give you a manual with every single boomerang they sell. That makes things a lot easier for the user, and you have a real chance of learning how to throw a boomerang correctly. This model makes no exception.

The Kangaroo Pelican model is made in Australia, and it is handcrafted by an Australian champion thrower. Yes, they have that in Australia. I do not expect you to know who Roger Perry is, but if you google him, you will see. Since it is made and endorsed by a champion, you can be sure that this boomerang will come back. Moreover, it hovers on its way back so you can catch it with ease. It is the ideal model for beginners, adults, or children.

The design will not disappoint either. It has an aboriginal style which I am sure you are going to love. It is made of wood and measures 17 inches in length and 8 inches in width. However, keep in mind that this particular model is designed for right-handed people only. If you are a lefty, you need to look for another model.

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Colorado Boomerangs – Tech Glow in the Dark Boomerang: Best for kids

Glow in The Dark Lightning Boomerangs with Boomerang Booklet

Since I said that boomerangs can provide hours of fun with your kid/kids, it seemed only right to show you a children’s boomerang as well. This one fits that criterion, and it is made by Colorado Boomerangs. It measures just 8.5 inches in length, which makes it ideal for children with ages 6 to 14. It is lighter and easy to use. Even so, arm yourself with patience. It will take a while until your kid learns how to throw it.

Just as the title suggests, this one glows in the dark, so it is made of plastic. If you think about it, this is actually a good thing. Kids will not take care of it as well as adults, so stronger is better in this case. Just like all Colorado Boomerangs products, this one comes with an illustrated 22-page booklet that will help you learn how to throw a boomerang so that it comes back. 

Looking at its design, which is simple, you will notice that this model is in no way fit as a decorative piece. This one is made for children to play with. Keep in mind that the Tech Glow in the Dark model is designed for right-handed children only, so if your kid is left-handed, you should look for another model. Other than that, I am sure you and your child will have a lot of fun with it.

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My top boomerang recommendation

I must admit that I like all three models, and I read their reviews online, which are positive, by the way. However, the one that I love the most is the Colorado Boomerangs – Kangaroo Pelican Boomerang. It works like a charm, and it has a beautiful design that will make an excellent conversation starter. It is both a decorative piece and a great entertainment means, which in my book makes it one of the best boomerangs you can find. In this price range, at least.

Final thoughts on

Boomerangs may be a pain in the behind at first, but once you learn to throw one, you will have a level of satisfaction you would not believe. I remember when mine came back for the first time, I was overly excited. Did not catch it, but at least it returned. I am sure you will feel the same way, and one of the boomerangs above will help you get that satisfaction.

Updated on May 8, 2023