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Riding ATVs is fun, no matter the age. But if you don’t want that fun to turn into a danger for your kid, you should carefully choose which one to buy. Finding the best kid’s ATV can be difficult, but it’s gonna be simple with our kid’s ATV reviews.

Best Kids ATV Reviews

#1 X-PRO 125 Best Youth ATV 4-Wheeler Quads

This X-PRO 125 model comes in 5 different colors and graphics; there is even a pink spider pattern for girls.

Let’s start the review with its engine. It’s powered by a 4-stroke engine, 107cc, with a single-cylinder arrangement that is air-cooled. It delivers its maxing torque of 6.5 Nm at 5500 RPM. The motor is strong enough to reach 35 miles per hour, but for heavier kids, the top speed may be lower as it depends on the weight of the driver. All the electrical parts are powered by a standard 12V battery with a capacity of 4AH.

Weighing 132 lbs puts it in the midrange of weight, some other models being lighter or heavier. An important thing to consider before buying one is the distance between the footrest and the seat, as this model is at 15-inches.

You can easily measure if this model will be a fit for your kid by measuring a bike that he is comfortable with it. Put the bike’s pedals in a horizontal position, and measure the distance between the seat and the pedal, allowing some wiggle room.

This four-wheeler has all the safety features of a regular ATV. Big, visible tail light, foot brake, speed limiter, and engine kill switch. 

It can also be stopped by remote; as a parent, you will love this feature. When kids throw a tantrum, it might be a good idea to block the ATV

The frame is built using 1.5mm steel. Overall this is a great ATV to purchase for your kid. It’s safe and incredibly built quality, and that makes it the best youth ATV.

#2 Best Choice Products 12V Kids 4-Wheeler ATV Quad Ride On Car Toy w/ 3.7mph Max, LED Headlights, AUX Jack, Radio – Red

The brand is Best Choice Products, but this ATV is not the best choice as when compared side by side with the other products, it’s a tie. It’s an average model, but the price is very attractive for what it offers. It comes in 4 different colors: red, black, orange, and for girls, pink. It’s a stylish four-wheeler, that looks precisely like an offroad ATV with a rugged design.

It’s built exactly like an ATV, the break, accelerator, and everything is the real deal. It has a foot accelerator pedal, reverse and forward functions, and a 2-speed selection.

Another function is the built-in AUX that allows kids to connect their iPods or phones and play music directly on the ATV. The cable is included in the package. This electric ATV for kids is powered by a rechargeable 12V battery that it takes on average up to 10 hours to be full again.

This kids ATV is not only for show, it has some small “offroad” capabilities due to its aggressive tires.

This ATV is suited for kids below nine years old; it’s a mini ATV for kids and is not in the youth category.

#3 X-PRO 40cc Kids ATV 4 Wheelers 40cc ATV Quads Kids Quad

This is the coolest ATV for kids, wrapped in 7 different wrappers. It delivers the coolest look ever. It’s even a Hot Rod Flame theme, and it looks as cool as it sounds.

The guys from X-PRO know how to make engines for kids ATVs; this one is no exception. It’s a 4-Stroke 40cc engine in a single-cylinder configuration, and its maximum torque is 1.6 at 5000 RPM.

One of the disadvantages of this model is the lack of reverse. It may take your kid a little bit to get comfortable with it.

Because of its light weight of only 75 lbs is capable of reaching a max speed of 24 miles per hour. The breaks on this ATV are perfect as they are in a disk type.

Overall it is an excellent ATV for your kids, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, but your kid will love it and that’s why we’ve added X-Pro 40cc to our best kids ATV top.

Best Kids ATV Guide

There are lots of differences between kids ATVs but the following 3 criteria make an ATV the best kids ATV: engine size, safety features, and general specifications.

Engine Size

ATVs are generally recommended for kids aged 6 and above. It’s the age when they already have sufficient reflexes and hand-eye coordination to handle the operation of simple machines.

The size of the ATV’s engine is important because it dictates the maximum speed that the vehicle can run and if your kid can handle that speed. For kids aged 6 years and above, you can start with an engine size of 48 CC. and up to 70 CC. this allows your kid a great experience of an off-road adventure without too much power. Lang 

For kids aged 10 years or older, an engine that ranges from 70 CC. up to 112 cc. is advisable. Kids at this age range can get bored with ATVs with smaller engines but this size should allow them more power. 

ATVs with engines ranging from 125 cc. to 250 cc. in size are recommended for older teens. They are suited for teens who have experience handling smaller engines and have a complete understanding of the operating and safety instructions.


According to the recommendations from the ATV Safety Institute, the clearance between the ATVs seat and the rider’s pants should be no less than 3 inches when they’re standing. This is an important factor to consider when choosing ATV for kids.

Your kid should be able to comfortably grip the handlebars and move them side-to-side and all the way. This is in addition to being able to operate the brake and throttle levers using one hand. These factors, however, depending on the vehicle’s functions. If the physiology of your child and the specifications of the ATV doesn’t match, there’s a bigger possibility for accidents to happen.


Although kids’ ATVs are designed so that they can travel at slower paces, each child differs in their abilities when it comes to handling an ATV.

Riding an ATV is a skill that should be taught by an experienced rider. Kids should start with the basics such as body weight shifting. Make sure that they understand and know how to operate the ATV before letting them ride on their own.

Children below 16 should always be supervised by adults when operating an ATV. Operating a full-sized ATV is also never allowed for this age range. Passengers shouldn’t be allowed in single-rider vehicles.

The regulations surrounding ATV safety differ by state for youths and adults. Check the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission for the latest information on state-by-state regulations and available training courses. There are also ATV e-courses being offered online by the ATV Safety Institute applicable for all experience levels and ages.

Proper safety gear including gloves, helmets, long sleeves, boots, and pants are required by the ATV Safety Institute and your child should wear them at all rides when operating an ATV for kids.

Updated on March 7, 2023