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If you own a Dodge Ram, you might have considered raising it as it may improve its appearance. Finding the best lift kit for ram 1500 is a must so be sure to pick the right one.

On the market, you can buy several kinds of these kits at this moment, but each of them has pros and cons and it is essential to find the best lift kit for Dodge Ram 1500. Finding the right lift kit makes the task quite daunting as you need to take into account the model year and the clearance you require. Take your time to get to know more about Dodge Ram 1500 lift kits and find the appropriate one for you.

During our tests only these 3 models made the best lift kit for Dodge Ram 1500 Guide. We’ve selected the lift kits based on multiple criteria such as price, quality, durability, and how easy they are to install. 

#1: Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra/Dodge Ram 1500 6.5″ Suspension Lift Kit 14-17 2WD

Do you have a vehicle like Dodge Ram 15050, a Jeep, or a Chevrolet? Well, this kit is one of the best lift kits for Ram 1500. It is moderate in scope and is hence well able to do a good job overall. In all, the structure measures 6.5 inches.

Consequently, it is hence well able to provide comfortable clearance from the ground. Though moderate in stature, this lift is still strong and responsive enough to negate the need for the input of too much muscle power.

6.5-inch Body Lift

Standing tall among the many goodies it potentially brings along is the 6.5-inch system. This one, as the name implies does yield a very comfortable ground clearance when engaged. It thus helps you to get to the bottom with ease.

On account of this system, the lift is able to mimic the geometry of the jerks. Thus, it negates the strenuous efforts that people have to expend to be able to have their ways.

Comprehensive Kit

Next comes the comprehensive nature of this kit. The comprehensiveness is brought about by the existence of the robust ductile iron steering knuckles and the heavy-duty cross-members and a redesigned steering rack.

Thanks to the existence of these features, the kit cuts down the time and hassles you would naturally need to respond to a repair and maintenance session. Considering the fact that it incorporates all the necessary tools, you also stand to reap time savings.

Cross-member Braces

Lastly comes the cross-member braces. You use the same to correct the suspension geometry. Upon engaging the same, you will be able to increase ground clearance by a considerable margin. It does so chiefly by creating an incredibly strong front.

These braces will definitely come in handy when playing in rough and treacherous terrains. Such are the areas that have some debris or pebbles underneath them. The same applies to off-road conditions.


  • Restores the factory ride quality
  • Installs without the need for a re-assembly
  • Comes about as a comprehensive package
  • Accepts many tools and items to engage
  • Handles many kinds of tires and wheel circumferences


  • Potentially clutters your workspace
  • Calls for excess attention and care on your part
  • Does cost a lot to come by and engage

#2: McGaughys 54950 8″ Lift Kit 2009-2012 Fits Dodge Ram 1500 DIESEL 4WD

Have some larger tires? This kit is there for you. It does have the ability to accommodate tires that are as large as 38 inches high from the ground. Moreover, it also stretches back and forth from 17-18 inches.

Though intentionally meant to lift vehicles, it may also discharge other pertinent roles like backspacing and facilitating the exchange of tires. Choose it for your multipurpose operations.

High-Quality Materials

Only high-grade materials have been used to constitute the kit. These materials play a crucial role in maintaining and enhancing the quality of the outcomes. That is mainly because they see to it that the structure does not fall apart too easily.

Also coming along are the reduced incidences of repairs and maintenance. Obviously, this one goes beyond to make your own experiences all the more worthwhile. Why would you want to look elsewhere?

CAD Designed

During its makeup, the structures are designed with the Computer. Thanks to this design, the kit fits accurately, especially during the installation exercise. As it does so, it maintains the alignment of the stocks which also trickles to the specifications.

It hence goes that by using the structure, you will generally enjoy more accurate and reliable performances that are beyond the reach and scope of many other lift kits.

Lower A-Frame

At its lower is an A-frame which exists to offer exceptional support to the rods and the compression struts. In doing this, the frame prevents the cross members that exist at the front and the rear from the possibility of flexing.

Chances of your car tripping and falling off are hence diminished to an absolute minimum. You will definitely accrue the added benefit of maximum peace of mind as you work your way.


  • Requires minimal drilling to install it
  • It does not require grinding or cutting
  • Requires no re-routing of exhausts
  • Enjoys a lifetime warranty against defects
  • Its frames do not bend or break


  • Quite bulky to handle
  • Relatively strenuous to engage
  • Potentially damaging to the frame of the car if installed improperly

#3: Rough Country 4″ Lift Kit (fits) 2012-2018 RAM Truck 1500 4WD

Have a 4WD in mind? You cannot place your bet on any other lift kit you choose randomly. Instead, we insist that you pick and utilize this one that we would advise that you pick for the job. It is specially designed for the role.

With it, you will be able to achieve better performance while at the same time handling bigger tires. Owing to the safer makeup, this tire accords considerable protection while not compromising the looks of your trucks.

Built with Heavy-Duty Steel

On the whole, this machine is heavy-duty steel. It is subsequently stronger, tougher, longer-lasting, and able to endure extreme hardships. Thanks to this stature, the equipment also endures many periods of use and cuts down operational expenses.

Also making this structure of note is the completeness of the kit. Indeed, the structure comes withal the tools-of-trade you need for your off-road performances. Obviously, this translates to more satisfactory outcomes.

High-clearance Cross-members

At the front and rear are some high-clearance. These ones play the role of providing sufficient rooms for off-road climbs and runs. In light of this, they provide the structure and the support you need to prop your cars well whether out in the open or on road.

With the high clearance also comes the benefit of being able to operate well without being constrained at all. This is particularly useful if and when the care has a low clearance.

Heavy-duty Skid Plate

A heavy-duty skid plate rounds up the list of the many features and benefits that the item does come along with. This one mainly protects your vehicle’s differential to spare you from the harmful effects of hazardous terrains.

Thus, you have this kit for your own safety and maximum peace of mind to leverage. Be certain that you won’t really have to mind too much about being injured or sustaining unnecessary damages.


  • Blends utmost performance and exceptionally elegant style
  • Quite affordable and easier to come by
  • Impacts tires that are as high as 30 inches
  • Manages many cycles of use
  • Maintains proper geometry when the vehicle is lifted


  • Limited to 4WD vehicles only
  • Quite weighty and difficult to carry around
  • May strain and overwhelm you while in use


Though all three kits we have reviewed above are able to manage awesome performances, the Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra 1500 6.5″ Suspension Lift Kit 14-17 2WD. That is because as you may have already seen from the foregoing review, it is the most comprehensive of them all.

It is hence better placed to handle many of your applications ‘under one roof.’ Your use of it is hence a sure way of reducing operational expenses while at the same time exuding exceptional performance.

Types of lift kits for Ram 1500

Ram 1500 lift kit

These are small, typically 1, 2, or 3 inches long. They use spacers and blocks to lift the body from the frame. Owing to their smaller bodies, they are also cheaper to come by. When deployed, they generally raise the cars to allow you to slot in those bigger wheels. These are by far the most widely used and known lifts on the market.

Ram 1500 Spacers Lift

The spacers lift makes use of polyurethane spacers that are placed in between the spring perch and the coil springs to do the job. For this reason, this kind of spacer is more efficient than the body lifts above. On the same note, they also use up limited physical brawn on your part to deliver the desired end.

Ram 1500 Coil Springs Lift Kit

Many of the lifts we have in vogue today are rough and difficult to make use of. They are not your favorites as they require excessive effort on your part to engage. To be on the safe side, you want one that is smooth and easy to handle. That is because it uses a series of springs to lighten the load.

Ram 1500 Short Arm Lift Kit

As the name suggests, this one is shorter and easier to make do with overall. In fact, many of them measure a paltry 3.5 inches or less. On the strength of this short and minute stature, the suspension does not at all affect the quality of the ride of the vehicles while in use. Moreover, it also accepts other accessories to enhance clearance levels.

Ram 1500 Long Arm Lift Kit

Do you have a salon car or a small vehicle with low clearance? Get your hand on this gadget. It is indeed capable of managing a clearance that measures 4 inches from the ground. You will find it particularly suited for those cars that are designed for off-road conditions. The same applies to off-road conditions and rough terrains.

Updated on January 16, 2023