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The ATV passenger seat attachment is a useful accessory to your vehicle. Sometimes referred to as an ATV cargo seat, it serves many purposes than just being a passenger seat. While there is plenty of sole passenger seats available in the market, you must consider a few things before buying one. If the occasion arises when you need to take a friend on a ride, be sure to buy a rear seat that is comfortable and suited to your needs, for the extra help you can check our rear seat guide.

  • Some states restrict riding with a passenger.
  • Passenger seats have a universal size that fits different ATV models.
  • Make sure that you have installed a rack for the passenger to hold on to.
  • There are two types of cargo seats that can either be hard and soft seats.
  • Install footpegs for your passenger to keep their balance.
  • Do not use your ATV with a passenger when riding aggressively on difficult terrains.
  • Some ATV seats have labels that say that it is not advisable to use for passenger riding.

ATV passenger seat – Features to look for

Your ATV passenger seat should not only be comfortable to sit on. It should have features to help you and your passenger ride with convenience. These parts will hold most of the essential things you’ll bring on your camping, hunting, or trail ride. Before buying any accessories, consider all the activities you may do with your new ATV.

Passenger seat comfort

Select a seat with added comfort like padded cushions and headrests. Also, check the material for durability. 

Storage and Compartments

Most ATV passenger seats are 2-in-1. Bring more things and ride along with someone. Get cargo seats that can hold emergency tools, extra wheels, a hunting gun, extra clothes, a first aid kit, and helmets. There are hard compartments and soft compartments. Also, make sure that you bring items that will not have to compromise the weight from the rear. Some seats have one large compartment with two medium compartments on the side. There are even pouches that hold water bottles and gas containers.

Attachment with Buckles or U-bolts

Buckle straps and U-bolts are essential to keep the rear seat intact. They fasten the seat to your ATV rear. Drill holes to fasten your seat on the rack with U-bolts.


Buckle straps and U-bolts keep the rear seat intact. Use them to fasten the seat to the ATV rear. You may have to drill holes when fastening seats with U-bolts.


Be careful in choosing cargo bags. Check the frames. Make sure that the frames can keep the bag upright and intact. There are steel frames that can even serve as a backrest. 


Don’t forget the straps that will keep your bag intact and secure.

How to use ATV Passenger Seats? 

Install the passenger seats. Most rear seats take only a few minutes to install. You may have to drill holes to fasten the cargo seat. Fasten bags using buckle straps. Secure your seat. Check your installation, especially when you have to ride with a passenger. Make sure that your ATV is large enough to carry another human.

Load your compartment with the things you need. Create a checklist. Don’t forget emergency tools, first aid kits, extra batteries, food, and water. Always check your cargo before you leave. 

Tighten up your bag or lock up the compartment. Make sure that you have everything in place. Keep the bag intact. If you are bringing your kid, make sure that he’s buckling up and using safety gear.

Benefits of Passenger Seats

  • You can bring along someone to enjoy your trip.
  • You can share the joy of trail riding.
  • Cargo seats or ATV seats can hold essential things you need for your camping or hunting trip.
  • Bring emergency tools and kits.

A Few Things to Remember

To fully maximize your ATV experience, make sure that your rear is large enough to carry another person. Find a seat that has many features depending on your activities. Always consider the weather. You may need to install heating grips for extreme cold weather. There are cargo seats with rear lights for night riding. Lastly, bring a camera and create memories! Enjoy your trip! 

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