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Owning a Dee Zee toolbox is great, they are high quality and cheaper than the competitors. Before buying one be sure that the toolbox fits your needs. Below you’ll find 5 Dee Zee toolboxes of reviews on the most popular models from Dee Zee.

Best Dee Zee Tool boxes reviews

The indispensable Dee Zee truck toolboxes can impress the weekender, workers, and especially the drivers. Dee Zee manufactures high-quality toolboxes. The range of models is big, they supply almost any kind of truck or pickup toolbox. They recognize the need for stylish, functional, and durable toolboxes that will suit a vehicle. Whether you have a full-sized vehicle or a small-sized one, they got you covered.

Dee Zee Red Label Crossover Tool Box Review

You don’t have to worry about rust as this toolbox is completely built from aluminum.

The tool’s tray is made from plastic and can be removed if needed. Removing the tray, you can separate tools and accessories one from another.

Adjustable lid strikers that can close completely. Your tools will be more secure.

The pull-handle latches and paddles are both made up of lockable stainless steel. It features a cell foam gasket. This feature is there so your tools will be protected inside the toolbox.

It has a double V-Pan lid stiffener to be rigid and increase the strength of the box.

Built in and designed in the USA, so you can be reassured that it’s no second-rate toolbox. One useful design feature is the extra bend inside the toolbox, added for extra strength.

A hidden hinge on the full length of the toolbox with the help of the crowned lid.

Its bottom, back, and front have been bent into a piece of aluminum.

Lifetime warranty.

Its dampened gas shocks will only open when it is at its controlled and steady rate.

Dee Zee Black Specialty Series Narrow Toolbox Review

Made up of Brite-Tread aluminum that is durable.

Paddle handles that comprise lockable stainless steel.

Gas shocks are dampened.

Black powder coat that will protect your toolbox from rusting.

Self-adjusting striker and closed-cell foam gasket.

When you buy this specialty narrow toolbox, it comes up with the fastest-mounting hardware.

Suitable for truck drivers, vans, or any vehicle that has a short bed. Ideal for someone that wants to protect his valuable things inside their car.

Narrow profile will help you have more extensive storage space.

The paddle handle of this toolbox comprises lockable stainless steel.

Dee Zee Hardware Series Crossover Tool Box

It comes with a three-year warranty. Of course, it is made in the United States of America. To help you organize tiny tools and equipment, it has a removable plastic tool tray.
Its dampened gas shocks will only open if the toolbox is at its controlled and steady rate.

To protect your tools and equipment inside the toolbox from the outside elements, it features a closed-cell gasket.

Its internal bends will add some superior body strength to your toolbox. They make it up of 20 gauge steel.

Its texture is in a black powder coat finish. The black powder coating of this crossover toolbox will protect your toolbox from corrosion.

The paddle handle latches that are made up of stainless steel, and it is lockable as well.

Dee Zee 70 Inch Low Profile Toolbox Review

One of the best toolboxes created and manufactured by Dee Zee is this 70 Inch Low Profile Tool Box.

This is ideal if you are driving a full-sized truck or van. Keeps your tools and materials safe and secure inside the vehicle. For picky consumers, the best option is this 70-inch low-profile toolbox.

The crossover type is the most common toolboxes. We can mount it on almost any vehicle type, drivers prefer this type for its diversity. It is usually mounted on your truck bed rails and can span its width to the bed of your vehicle or cab.

Useful if you have all the tools and equipment inside your car and want to keep them separated from each other. It has a heavy and thick-duty plastic tray that will suit all your needs.

Dee Zee manufactured this toolbox with heavy and thick aluminum. You’ll have a lighter and sturdier toolbox. That will keep your tools and equipment free from the outside elements.

The welds of this toolbox have been made gently and with a care that will add to the box’s strength. It features a double V-Stiffener for extra rigidity to the lid.

The lid strikers can adjust to close the door tighter and do fine adjustments.

They make the handles from stainless steel. You don’t have to worry about rust because stainless steel and aluminum are rust-free. There are color finishes, a clear shiny aluminum coat, and a beautiful black finish. Both finishing coats are free from corrosion.

You can also choose the finish that you want that will suit your taste and to the color of your truck.

Dee Zee 70 Inch Gullwing Toolbox Review

This gullwing toolbox is a crossover style. It differs from other crossover-styled truck tool boxes y having two lids. Usually, crossover toolboxes have only one.

For easy access to tools and materials stored inside, the two gull-wing lids of this 70-inch gull-wing toolbox will open towards its middle. Usually, single-lid truck toolboxes will need you to get in your truck’s bed to get your desired tools and equipment.

Because of the shape and design, putting tools inside this toolbox, it’s easy. You can put your desired tools inside by accessing the sides of your vehicle.

You can still put long equipment in the pickup, and the toolbox not requiring much space on the bed. It comes with a plastic tray if you want to have your tools and equipment organized and stored in the proper place. They make the tray from plastic, which is thick, it was included recently in this model.

We always place gullwing toolboxes above the bed of your truck.

Built from 0.056-grade aluminum. It may not be the thickest toolbox you can buy, but it’s a compromise between weight and sturdiness.

The paddle latches are made from stainless steel. Overall, the entire toolbox will be rust-free. This toolbox is characterized as being sturdy and reliable. Through the help of the double V-pan stiffeners, the lid can support lots of weight above it.

As for finishes, we can purchase them in the shiny aluminum coat or gloss black powder model that has a clear coating.

The finish coat is for aesthetic purposes. The aluminum box is naturally a rust resistance thing.

The lids of the Gullwing Truck Tool Box have gas shocks that will help you to lift the lids if you want to smooth them.

Why should you choose Dee Zee?

The toolboxes manufactured by Dee Zee are reliable and trustworthy. It will give your truck the latest modern look and surely please all your needs. 

In 1977, Dee Zee started providing toolboxes and accessories to consumers. Because of their hard work and perseverance, Dee Zee is now one of the biggest companies in the world. They supply high-quality toolboxes and other truck tools, equipment, and accessories.

As you can see, Dee Zee finished products usually have the logos of:

  • Toyota, Subaru
  • Nissan
  • Honda
  • GM
  • Ford
  • Chrysler.

Are you looking for the best truck toolboxes and accessories made by Dee Zee? Keep on reading this article.

Conclusion & Installation of Dee Zee Toolbox

Overall, Dee Zee creates one of the best truck toolboxes in the world. They have high-quality standards for they’re the product. Great support for clients. They provide guides and other information necessary to install or safe-use the toolbox.

The prices are lower when compared to toolboxes from UWS or WeatherGuard’s toolboxes, or even other brands. It is only because Dee Zee is using high-quality raw materials to make their products. If you want to get a high-quality toolbox, buy one from Dee Zee.

Updated on January 16, 2023