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Life on a farm is challenging and tough, but at the end of the day, it offers great satisfaction. Taking care of the animals and the pastures, and growing vegetables, you never get the chance to complain. 

While farming is satisfying as you see the progress, at the end of each day, you get that fulfillment sensation, it is also exhausting. Using an ATV to do some tasks will ease the stress and complete the job faster. Nowadays, you can find an attachment to any situation. 

Snowblower or Plowing Attachments

Snowplow mounted on an ATV

Farms usually are big in size, with lots of long access roads. As these roads are not part of the public domain, it is your responsibility to clean the snow on them. 

Using a normal snowblower to clean the road would take forever. Having an ATV snowblower or plow attached, you can get the job done really fast. 

Personally, I prefer snowblowers. With a snowplow, you just push the snow at the extremity of the road. You will have to move it from there eventually. That will double the time and effort involved. With a snowblower like Bercomac, you can throw it far away from the road, and that’s all. 

The standard width of a one-lane road is approx 9 feet, and the width of modern snowblowers is ~5 feet. In only two passes, you can clean the drive. That is really efficient.

Pull behind mower

I can not stress enough the necessity of a mowing attachment for your ATV. Regular mowers are slow and limited in width. While an ATV pull-behind mower is more expensive, it’s worth the money as the job will take less time. 

A Swisher pull-behind mower has almost triple the cutting width, 66 inches total. If you have a large area that needs to be mowed, calculate how much time it will take with a standard mower vs an ATV pull-behind mower. Just hook it up to your ATV and you are ready to go.

Basket racks

On a farm, there is something that needs to be fixed. Let’s say the fence broke, you’ll need tools to fix it. Even if we consider only the basic tools, you’re gonna still need lots of them. A hammer, a nail puller, some screws, a drill, and the list goes on. It’s impossible to carry so many items without a good basket rack. 

Just install a basket rack on the front of your ATV and you are not limited anymore. For me, the convenience it offers is unmatched. A basket rack is relatively cheap but it will make your life easier.

Sprayer tanks

One of the most overlooked accessories for ATVs is the sprayer tank. Most people believe that you can do farming and use a standard sprayer. I disagree. An ATV sprayer tank is a versatile tool that should not miss from any farm. 

A sprayer tank attachment can be used to spray treatment on orchards. It can be used to spray insecticide on lawns and so on. Imagine all the possibilities where you can use one.

If you already own an ATV, a sprayer tank is going to be a good investment. The large capacity makes it ideal for farms, you’ll not waste time refilling the tank every 5 minutes.

LED Light Bars

On a farm, most of the time you’ll get up early, there is lots of work to be done. Sometimes it’s really dark outside and limits you on the jobs that can be done so early. Here is where having the best ATV light bar comes into play, you are not restricted anymore. You can just start the ATV and go inspect the fence, even if it is dark outside.

I could not imagine life on a farm and not having a light bar attached to the ATV. Besides convenience, it offers a degree of security. We as humans, do not see great in dark. We need light. Put one on your ATV and make your life more comfortable.


Spreaders are very handy on a farm. In the winter you can spread salt and sand on the driveway. In the spring, you can spread fertilizer and seeds. The large capacity of the ATV spreaders can really have an impact on the time required to do the job.

Get an all-purpose spreader and start replanting the pasture. You are not limited anymore, with a spreader you can do the same jobs but with a lot fewer people. Just you and your ATV can do jobs that will take 3-4 people.


ATV with a cultivator mounted in the back

Well, what kind of farm does not cultivate things? As the name says, you can use it to cultivate anything with this kind of tow-behind attachment. Does Ms. want to plant some vegetables? Just go with the ATV plow and break the soil, making cultivating easier. Do you want to plant crops? Again, no problem.

A cultivator is one of the most important accessories you can have for your ATV. You do not need a tractor to cultivate crops. It can be done with only this attachment. Be sure to pick one that can handle the work on the farm, for example, King Kutter is the best ATV cultivator on sale right now. It’s tough and for sure you’ll appreciate it.


Life on the farm is diverse. You can grow vegetables, and raise animals, there is no limit to the jobs that can be done around a farm. Ease your life and work smart. 

Don’t exhaust yourself. Tomorrow is another day and something else needs to be done. Use any tool possible to get the job done with less effort, the day only has 24 hours but we also need 7 hours of sleep.

Updated on March 7, 2023

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