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Are you looking for the best Warn winch for you? You have come to the right place. In this article, I am going to talk about as many Warn winches as possible so that you can make an informed decision.

I don’t know what you know about Warn, but the manufacturer takes its job incredibly seriously. As a result, you’ll find that there are countless models for you to choose from. Warn made sure that there is a winch for every single need.

Since there are so many Warn winches on the market, I chose to talk about the existing series and the models they include. That way, at least you have a starting point. So, let’s see what Warn prepared for you, shall we?

Warn Handheld Series

If you’re looking for something small that can give you a hand around the house or in the field, the Warn Handheld series is what you’re looking for. With a pulling capacity of only 500 and 750 pounds, these portable winches can help pull fences, logs, and more.

One of the primary selling points of a Warn handheld winch is its portability. Since it can be operated with a standard drill, you can take it wherever you want. Just think about it. As long as you have a battery-powered drill, you can take the winch wherever you need it to be. I recommend taking an extra battery with you in case you have to do a lot of work, but other than that, the sky is the limit. And the pulling capacity, of course.

As I mentioned above, the Warn Handheld series comes forward with two models. One has a pulling capacity of 500 lbs, while the other one is more potent with 750 lbs. As for the rope, both models come with steel wire of 30 feet and 40 feet, respectively. However, the 750-lb model can also be purchased with synthetic wire. It costs more, of course, but if you have the budget, it’s worth it. That will make your winch even more lightweight, and we all know that synthetic ropes are more durable.

When you purchase a portable handheld winch from Warn, you will get a clasp and hook in the package. The roller/hawse fairlead is included, as well. Basically, you can use the device out of the box. No other accessories are required.

The bottom line is that the Warn Handheld Series contains 3 winches that I think can be incredibly useful around the house. They are lightweight and portable, and they don’t cost that much. One of them can be your little helper.

Warn PullzAll Series

The Warn PullzAll Series includes, yet again, portable winches. However, these are not powered by electric drills. Instead, they are either corded or battery-powered. I’m sure that you’ll find them incredibly useful around the house or in the field.

Just please remember that the winches in this series do not have an extraordinary pulling capacity. They are all limited to 1000 lbs. However, if you want to fix a fence or use it in your garage or shed, you’ll find these models more than enough.

This series contains 5 models. Three of them are corded, and you’ll need a power outlet nearby to use them. You’ll also need an extension cord because the one that is attached to the winch is not very long. The other two PullzAll winches are cordless and powered by batteries.

When you purchase a Warn PullzAll winch, you’ll receive two rechargeable NiMH batteries. The extra battery comes in handy when you need to use the winch for an extended period. Plus, the batteries will charge fast.

Since the Warn PullzAll series does not include heavy-weight winches, don’t expect the rope to be too long either. All models come with a 15-foot wire. Unfortunately, you don’t have the option of going for synthetic rope. I know it would have made the winches even more lightweight, but the manufacturer thought that they are not that heavy, to begin with. Plus, they are supposed to be affordable, and we all know that synthetic wires increase the price of winches.

One of the aspects I like about the PullzAll winches is that they can be operated both forward and in reverse. You can adjust the speed depending on what you use the winch for. That gives you more control.

The bottom line is that the Warn PullzAll series comes forward with 5 portable winches that can help you out when you need a hand. With a decent pulling capacity of 1000 lbs and durable construction, one of these winches is bound to become the help you need.

Warn Vantage Series

In case you’re looking for something a little bit more affordable, but with a capable pulling capacity, you may want to take a look at the Vantage series winches. They can pull between 2000 and 4000 pounds, but they are older models. Hence the lower prices.

Since this series target medium to small jobs, you’ll find that the winches in the Vantage series can pull 2000, 3000, and 4000 lbs. This should be more than enough for various jobs around the house or in the field. Still, nothing stops you from using a Vantage winch as a car recovery winch.

The Vantage series may include three models, but each of them can be purchased with a synthetic rope. Of course, you’ll spend a little bit more money, but it’s a known fact that synthetic ropes are more lightweight and more long-lasting.

Regarding the braking system and the gear train, here is where you can actually tell that the Vantage series contains older models. Warn equipped the Vantage 2000 with a dynamic gear break, while the other two have a spring braking system. You won’t see that on newer Warn models.

As for the gear train, the Vantage 2000 is equipped with a differential planetary gear train. However, the manufacturer used a 3-stage planetary gear train for the Vantage 3000 and the Vantage 4000.

I just want to mention that even if some Vantage models use older technology for the gear train and the braking system, that does not mean the models in this series are not reliable and durable.

All three winches in this series have a powerful 12V DC motor. Nevertheless, not all of them have the same horsepower. The Vantage 2000 delivers 0.9HP, the Vantage 3000 has a 1.1HP motor, while the Vantage 4000 comes with 1.4HP.

What you need to remember about the Warn Vantage series is that you’ll get some older technology and design. Still, the models are capable and durable, and they still have the high-quality Warn takes pride in.

Warn ProVantage Series

The ProVantage series from Warn is somewhat similar to the Vantage series. However, the available models have higher pulling capabilities, and the technology used for the manufacture is more recent. The prices are a bit higher too.

Regarding the pulling capacity, the ProVantage 2500 has a pulling capacity of 2500 lbs, the ProVantage 3500 can pull up to 3500 lbs, while the ProVantage 4500 delivers 4500 lbs. It may not be that much, but these winches can be hooked up to a jeep or a truck without experiencing any trouble which makes them the best warn winch for the jeep.

Naturally, when you select one of the models above, you can go for steel or synthetic rope. Almost all Warn models come with that option. No matter which winch you choose, the length of the rope is 50 feet. The diameter, on the other hand, differs depending on the model.

I know I made a slight comparison with the Warn Vantage series, but you should know that the motors are different. The ProVantage series comes with more powerful motors. The ProVantage 2500 delivers 0.9HP, the ProVantage 3500 1.4 HP, while the ProVantage 4500 has a 1.9HP motor.

As for the gear train, all ProVantage winches are equipped with 3-stage planetary gear trains. As for the braking system, Warn used roller disks this time. It may not be the automatic cone, but you don’t have to worry about control.

When you receive the ProVantage winch, you’ll notice that the fairlead is already included in the package. So is a mini rocker control switch with a plug for a corded remote.

Overall, the ProVantage winches from Warn are among the most popular models. They are durable, the manufacturer used high-quality materials for the construction, and you can use them on vehicles like 4x4s or Jeeps. Versatility is one of their strong suits.

Warn Zeon Series

The Zeon series from Warn includes 3 powerful winches that can pull you out of almost anything. They belong to the heavy-duty category with pulling capacities of 8000, 10000, and 12000 pounds.

As you can imagine, when you purchase a winch from the Zeon series, you can expect it to pull anything. No matter the pickle you are in, one of the Zeon winches is bound to bail you out. So, if you’re looking for one of the best recovery winches, Warn gives you precisely that through the Zeon series.

You can probably imagine that all three Zeon winches come with both steel and synthetic wires. Needless to say, the synthetic line is more expensive, but you and I both know that it’s more durable and will shave a few pounds off the winch’s weight.

But what you should know here is that the length of the line is not the same for all models. For instance, the Warn Zeon 8 and 8-S, as well as Zeon 10-S, has 100 feet of rope. All the other ones stop at 80 feet.

The package also includes the fairlead. The Zeon 8, 10, and 12 come with a roller fairlead. On the other hand, the Zeon 8-S, 10-S, and 12-S are delivered with an aluminum hawse that has a powder-coat finish.

Let’s move on to motors, shall we? The Warn Zeon winches are equipped with a powerful 12V DC series wound motor. It’s not as compact and lightweight as a permanent magnet motor but less expensive and incredibly durable.

As far as installation goes, you won’t spend too much time entangling the instructions. All Zeon winches are easy to mount. Moreover, they all have a multi-mount version—all of them except 12 and 12-S.

When it comes to controlling, Warn equipped the Zeon winches with a remote switch. With 12 feet of cable, you can install the remote wherever you think is best for you.

A few other things that I’d like to mention are that all Zeon winches have a powder-coat finish, and the clutch and fasteners are made of durable stainless steel. The drums are made of aluminum, which shaves some weight and inhibits line corrosion. With an IP68 rating, nothing will reach the electronic parts of the winch. You can operate the device underwater.

What is important to remember from all this is that Warn created some of the best winches on the market, and the Zeon series are among them. They are capable and durable, and you don’t have to worry about getting stuck anywhere. You can mount them on a truck, SUV, or Jeep. There is nothing a Zeon winch can’t handle.

Warn Axon Series

If you are a Powersports enthusiast, you’re going to love this next Warn winches series. It’s called Axon, and it’s everything you want in a Powersports winch. It’s potent and durable, and you can get out of anything. Nature has nothing on an Axon winch.

Taking a look at the Warn Axon series, you’ll notice that there are three models you can choose from:

  • Axon 35 – with a pulling capacity of 3500 lbs, this model works best on a large ATV
  • Axon 45 – it can pull 4500 lbs, and it’s suitable for a 2-seat UTV
  • Axon 55 – the strongest of the group, it can pull 5500 lbs. I’d say this one is best for a 4-seat UTV.

Once again, each of the models above comes with two versions when it comes to the cable. You have the steel and the synthetic wire. The length is the same for all three. However, we all know that the Spydura synthetic cable is stronger and more durable. I know it’s more expensive, as well, but I suggest you go for synthetic if you’re into Powersports. It will help you, trust me.

One of the main selling points of an Axon winch is its construction. We grew accustomed to Warn’s attention to quality, but all Axon winches are made from all-metal parts. After all, a tough ride in the middle of nature’s roughest terrains is no walk in the park. You need something that can be abused without getting damaged. Well, guess what? An Axon winch is precisely that.

Furthermore, since the Axon winches are not destined for easy conditions, they are entirely waterproof. With an IP68 rating, you can use one of these winches even if you are submerged underwater.

One thing that I ought to tell you is that all Axon models have a rocker bar digital control switch. Nevertheless, there is one difference between the Axon 35 and 35-S and the rest of them. The Axon 35 and 35-S have a handlebar adapter. All the other ones are equipped with a digital wired remote.

The bottom line is that the Warn Axon series is the best winch series for Powersports. They can take the abuse, they are strong and reliable, and the all-metal construction makes sure that these winches will bail you out for many years to come.

Warn VRX Series

Are you looking for a reliable Warn winch for your TV or UTV? Then one of the Warn winches in the VRX series might be what you’re looking for. With three different pulling capacities and durable construction, the VRX winches will prove to be most helpful.

The Warn VRX series includes three excellent models:

  • VRX 25 – it has a pulling capacity of 2500 lbs, and you can use it on a smaller ATV
  • VRX 35 – with a pulling capacity of 3500 lbs, you can mount this winch on an ATV or a 2-seat UTV
  • VRX 45 – it can pull up to 4500 lbs, and you should have no issues installing it on a 4-seat UTV.

More often than not, Warn gives you the opportunity to choose between steel and synthetic ropes. Basically, all three models above come in two versions. One is equipped with a steel line, while the other is the exact same product but with a synthetic rope. However, no matter which type of line you go for, you’ll get the same 50 feet for all models.

The roller fairlead or the hawse fairlead is included in the price. The package includes a handlebar-mounted rocker switch for the VRX 25 and the VRX 35. If you order a VRX 45, you’ll receive a dash-mounted control switch.

As with most of Warn’s winches, the ones in the VRX series are entirely waterproof. They have an IP68 rating, which means that you can operate them underwater. You should not worry about water, mud, or even dust ruining the electronic parts of your winch.

Regarding the construction of the VRX series, I have to say that it’s more than I expected. Warn used all-metal parts for this series. Given the conditions they are designed to work in, it should not come as such a surprise. Aside from the all-metal construction, the powder-coated finish adds some extra protection against corrosion.

Lastly, all VRX winches are equipped with three-stage planetary gear trains as well as load-holding brakes. You will enjoy the control you need during the usage of your winch.

In general, the VRX series seems to be among people’s favorites. For your ATV or UTV, one of the winches in this series is more than enough. They are all potent, and durable, and Warn made sure that you are going to use them for many years to come.

Warn VR Series

The VR series from Warn is yet another popular series of winches. You have three models with pulling capacities between 8000 and 12000 lbs, and they are all a testament to how much the manufacturer cares about high quality.

As I mentioned above, there are three winches in the Warn VR series, and they are as follows:

  • VR 8 – it can pull up to 8000 lbs, which means that you can attach it to a vehicle that weighs 4000 lbs at the most.
  • VR 10 – with a pulling capacity of 10000 lbs, you can mount it on a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight ratio of a maximum of 5000 lbs.
  • VR 12 – this one can pull up to 12000 lbs, and you can install it on a vehicle with a weight of 6000 lbs max.

As usual, the manufacturer gives you a choice when it comes to the rope. You can choose between a steel rope and a synthetic rope. If you take a look online, you’ll see that the VR winches that are equipped with synthetic lines have an ‘S’ at the end of their name. For instance, VR 10-S.

It’s also worth mentioning that the lengths of the ropes are not the same. Depending on the mode, the line will measure between 80 and 94 feet.

All three VR winches are equipped with a powerful series-wound 12V DC motor. It does not overheat easily, and it’s a lot cheaper to replace. Not that you’ll need to anytime soon. I recommend that you use a battery of at least 650 CCA for winching. Otherwise, the electronics of your vehicle will have some issues in the future.

The 3-stage planetary gear train makes these winches even more durable. Warn started to equip all of its products with this type of gear train even since it determined that it was the most efficient system. The automatic direct drive cone brake provides a ton of control and is capable of holding full-rated loads.

The bottom line is that the winches in the VR series are among the most potent and durable winches for trucks. They can fit most trucks, but don’t forget to check before you make your purchase. Other than that, the VR winches enjoy the same high quality as all Warn products. I’m sure that one of them will be to your liking.

Warn VR EVO Series

In case you’re looking for a Warn winch for a large frame rig, one of the winches in the Warn VR EVO series might be what you need. With pulling capacities between 8000 and 12000 lbs, these can be installed on large SUVs, Jeeps, and ½-ton/ ¾-ton/ 1-ton pickup trucks

There are three models in the VR EVO series:

  • VR EVO 8 – with a pulling capacity of 8000 lbs
  • VR EVO 10 – it can pull up to 10000 lbs
  • VR EVO 12 – it has a pulling capacity of 12000 lbs

As per usual, you are given a choice to opt for one of the models above with steel wire or with a synthetic line. We are talking about VR EVO 8-S, VR EVO 10-S, and VR EVO 12-S. However, since these winches are not the cheapest options, you can purchase one with steel rope and upgrade to synthetic wire later. In my opinion, it’s worth the financial effort because synthetic lines are always more durable. Plus, they will shave some weight off the entire device.

Once again, Warn made sure that you can use these winches in the roughest conditions. With an IP68 rating, dust particles and water will not reach the electronic parts of the winch. This ensures a long-lasting lifespan so that you can enjoy the winch for many years to come.

Unlike any other models manufactured by Warn, the winches in the VR EVO series comes with a 2-in-1 remote control. Basically, you can use it wirelessly if that is what you choose. Some people may say that it’s a gimmick. Still, others prefer to operate the winch from a safe distance, and the wireless remote control will help you achieve that.

It is no surprise that Warn decided to construct these winches as well as possible. The series-wound motors are powerful and durable, and the planetary gear trains make sure that the winches deliver fast speed even when loaded.

One thing worth mentioning here is that the VR EVO winches use fewer amps than other standard winches. Nevertheless, I do not recommend using a battery with fewer than 650 CCA for winching.

The bottom line is that the winches in the Warn VR EVO series have applications in many activities. You can use them for car recovery, hauling, and many other things that require a significant pulling capacity. With durable construction and powerful motors, these winches do not cease to impress.

Warn M8000 Series

The M8000 series includes only 2 models. Basically, you have one winch in two versions: one with steel rope and the other with a synthetic line. The second is more expensive, but in my honest opinion, the benefits outweigh the fact that you have to spend more money.

As you can probably tell from the name of the winch, this model has a pulling capacity of 8000 pounds. As long as your vehicle does not exceed 4000 lbs in weight, you can hook it up to virtually anything that fits.

The M8000 is equipped with a powerful 4.8HP 12V DC series-wound motor. It does not overheat easily, it is durable, and judging by the horsepower, it’s pretty strong. It does require more power than a permanent magnet motor, but as long as you have a battery of at least 650 CCA, you’re all good.

One thing you should probably know about the M8000 winches is that the line is relatively longer than on other models. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for steel or synthetic. You’ll get 100 feet of wire regardless of the wire type.

Both models in this series can be controlled with a remote switch that has 12 feet of lead cable. Feel free to install it wherever you think is best for you. Some people leave it on the winch, while others prefer to mount it inside their vehicles. The choice is yours.

My 2 cents on the M8000 series is that they make excellent car hauler winches. The pulling capacity is just enough, the construction is durable, and the motor delivers significant power and speed.

Warn M12000 & M15000 Series

Why are these two winches different from the M8000 Series? The pulling capacity and the length of the rope. The M12000 and the M15000 easily fall under the ‘heavyweight category.’ They are not cheap, but they are worth every dime.

As you may have guessed, the M12000 has a pulling capacity of 12000 lbs, while the M15000 can pull up to 15000. The former is pretty common, but the second can easily be labeled as a heavyweight winch.

One thing is for sure, and that is that not many winches come with 125 feet of rope. But the M12000 does. On the other hand, the M15000 has only 90 feet, which is still pretty long for a winch of this pulling capacity. I’ve seen winches with this pulling capacity with up to 80 feet of rope, but 90 is not that common. You may say that the difference is not that significant, but I don’t think it is negligible.

Another difference between the M12000 and the M15000 can be found in their motors. Both of them have powerful series-wound motors. However, the M12000 has a 12V 4.6HP motor, while the M15000 can work both on 12 and 24 volts. The HP is determined by which one you hook the winch to.

The point is that if you’re looking for a heavyweight winch to mount on your truck or SUV, the M12000 or the M15000 will get the job done no matter what that job is. Both of them are designed to last, and they will bail you out from whatever situation you may find yourself in.

Warn 9.5xp Series

In its desire to satisfy a wide range of needs, Warn created the 9.5xp series. It’s not that different from other Warn winches, except that it has an unusual pulling capacity of 9500 pounds. You often see 8000, 10000, or 12000 pounds, but not 9500. Warn fixed it.

This series, much like the M8000, has only two winches. They are pretty much the same thing except for the 9.5xp-S, which comes with a synthetic rope. For both models, the line is 100 feet long. The 9.5xp-S is 20 pounds easier, which I think is a huge plus. Winches are heavy as it is.

One of the main selling points of a 9.5xp winch is that not only can it perform very well in incredibly rough conditions, but it’s also a lot faster than any other Warn winch. We are talking here about the moment in which the winch is under load. So, if you are an off-road enthusiast, you may actually want to consider a 9.5xp winch. It will get you out of a pickle faster than you can say 9.5xp.

Another reason why people enjoy the 9.5xp series is that they are equipped with high-output parallel series-wound motors. What does that mean? Well, if you add that to Warn’s brake system, you have a strong and durable winch that delivers fast speed and incredible control. As long as your truck or SUV does not exceed 4500 lbs, the winch will get you out of anything.

I should also mention that the 9.5xp can be purchased with an extended duty control pack. If you purchase that, you will be able to enjoy a long-duty cycle. For instance, if you’re stuck in rough terrain and you can’t get out of it very fast, this winch will go the extra mile.

The bottom line is that the 9.5xp series brings something new to the table. With a remote-mounted, next-gen control box and durable construction, I’m sure that you’re going to enjoy one of these winches once you make the purchase.

Warn 9.5cti Series

I have to say that the 9.5cti series is pretty similar to the 9.5xp series. Nevertheless, there are a few differences that I think should not be overlooked. They may have the same pulling capacity of 9500 lbs, but the 9.5cti is a bit more potent.

For starters, let me just say that this series, as the 9.5xp series, includes 2 winches. You have the 9.5cti, which is equipped with a steel rope, and then there are the 9.5cti-S. Yes, you guessed. The latter comes with a synthetic wire.

However, the difference between the two series is that the 9.5cti has a 125-foot long steel wire, as opposed to its 9.5xp counterpart, which only has 100. Even so, when we’re talking about synthetic lines, both series have the same length of 100 feet.

Who would I recommend this to? Off-roaders, of course. If you take the pulling capacity and the length of the cable, you get a powerful tool that can get you out of pretty much anything. There is nothing too far for this winch to reach.

Another thing that I like about the 9.5cti-S is the ballistic nylon sliding sleeve that covers the synthetic line. Not all winches are equipped with that. What it does is provide some additional protection against corrosion. Your synthetic line, which lasts longer as it is, will last even longer now thanks to this nylon sleeve.

Also, the 9.5cti winches are equipped with a motor-mounter thermal sensor for some extra protection, and the remotes were designed in such a way that they can get as much abuse as they can possibly exist in off-road conditions.

The 3-stage planetary gear train can be found in the 9.5cti winches as well. Plus, the automatic mechanical brake cones will give you as much control as you can get.

To top it off, Warn provides a multi-mount option for the 9.5cti. Basically, the receiver allows you to mount the device in virtually any class III/2 inches of a receiver hitch. Unfortunately, this is not available for the 9.5cti-S.

Overall, I think that one of the two winches in the 9.5cti series will suit you just fine if you’re than decent, both winches are fast, and let’s not forget about the Warn quality we are so used to.

Warn XD9000 Series

How is the XD9000 series different from other Warn models? Well, it’s basically an M12000 or M15000 with a lower pulling capacity. It keeps all our favorite features like speed and wire length, but it can pull less.

As you may have already figured out, the XD9000 has a pulling capacity of 9000 lbs. The series has two models, but unlike what you’re accustomed to, you won’t find different rope types. Instead, the XD9000 has a 100-foot line, while the XD9000i comes with 125 feet. So, it’s the length that differs, not the type.

You would also be interested in knowing that the XD9000 series is one of the fastest on the market. We’re talking here about speed most winches cannot reach. Warn made sure to test it in real conditions, and I have to say that I’m impressed with what it can do. But what you need to know is that neither of the models in the XD9000 series will let you down.

Regarding the motorization, the two winches in the XD9000 series can run on both 12 and 24 volts. It depends on which vehicle you choose to mount it. However, as you may expect, you’ll get different horsepower. I’m talking about 2.5HP on 24V as opposed to 4.6HP on 12V.

Once again, Warn used its traditional 3-stage planetary gear trains for this series. You’ll enjoy a smooth operation. The winch can be controlled with a corded remote control, for which the cable is 12 feet long.

All in all, the XD9000 series is incredibly versatile. It’s fast and has a durable construction. While you cannot choose a version with a synthetic line, you can replace it further down the line. But you won’t be disappointed in terms of performance.

Warn DC Series

I’m going to take a break from heavyweight winches for a little bit and talk about some small electric winches. The Warn DC winches don’t have incredible pulling capabilities. Still, they’re autonomous, which makes them pretty useful in places where there are no power sources.

As I mentioned above, the DC winches are not incredibly potent. The DC2000 has a pulling capacity of 2000 pounds, while the DC4000 can pull up to 4000 lbs. That may not be much, but it’s more than enough for small jobs around the house or in the field. In fact, since they do not need an external power source, you can use these winches wherever you see fit.

Unlike most Warn winches, the models in the DC series have a permanent magnet motor. That means it will overheat easier than a series-wound motor. However, it also means that it’s more lightweight and more compact. That makes the entire device even more portable. As for the strength of the motors, the DC2000 has a 1.4HP motor, while the DC4000 has a 1.9HP motor.

Unfortunately, the winches in the DC series are not available with synthetic ropes. Your only option lies with the steel lines. The length is different for the two winches. The DC2000 has a 35-foot rope, while the DC4000 is equipped with 43 feet of wire.

Once again, Warn decided to equip the winches in the DC series with a 3-stage planetary gear train for an excellent duty cycle. The braking system ensures that you have enough control while winching.

One of the best things about the winches in the DC series is their size. They are so small and lightweight that you can hook them up virtually anywhere. No matter how tight the spot is, chances are that you can use a DC winch without having to struggle.

A DC winch can be installed on a trailer or hitch mount. The 12V battery provides enough autonomy so that you are not left hanging at the wrong moment.

If you take a quick look at a DC winch, you may think that it’s too small. But don’t let the size fool you. As long as you use it within parameters, you will be impressed by what a tiny thing like that can do. There’s more to it than meets the eye.

Warn Heavyweight Series

Ok, so I’ve been talking about small and medium winches, but let’s step it up a little. In this section, you’ll find two beasts when it comes to winches. I’m referring to Warn 97740 16.6TI-S, Warn 97730 M15-S, and Warn 97720 M12-S.

All three winches are designed to withstand heavy weights. Let’s take a closer look at them, shall we?

  • Warn 97720 M12-S – it has a pulling capacity of 12000 lbs, which means that you can hook it to a vehicle that does not exceed 6000 lbs.
  • Warn 97730 M15-S – it can pull up to 15000 lbs, which means that you can install it on a large truck or Jeep.
  • Warn 97740 16.6TI-S – with an incredible pulling capacity of 16,500 lbs, this winch can be mounted on virtually anything. I call it ‘borderline industrial.’ I don’t even know if they make standard vehicles that weigh more than 8000 pounds.

If you take a look at their names, you’ll notice that all winches in these series have that ‘S’ which stands for synthetic rope. All three of them are equipped with high-quality, Spydura synthetic lines for more strength and durability. For the Warn 97740 16.6TI-S, the manufacturer also added a ballistic nylon sleeve to the rope for extra protection against corrosion and wear.

No matter which model in this series you go for, the line has the same length of 80 feet.

Looking at construction, Warn did a fantastic job once more. For one thing, all three winches in this series have a completely waterproof contactor control. Nothing can reach the electronic parts of the devices. The series-wound motors are durable and long-lasting, while the cone braking system delivers excellent control during operation. And to nobody’s surprise, Warn used 3-stage planetary gear trains for all three models.

Needless to say, Warn did a fantastic job with this series. All three winches are strong and durable, and they are designed to handle situations that most winches on the market can’t. Unless they are industrial, of course.

Warn 85330 Utility Winch

This particular winch does not belong to a series. Still, I think it makes an excellent addition to my list of best Warn winches. Why? Because while it’s not incredibly potent, it became popular for its durability and reliability.

The pulling capacity of a Warn 85530 utility winch is 1500 pounds. I know it’s not that high. However, the 0.8HP permanent magnet motor delivers fast and steady performance. As you know, permanent magnet motors heat faster than series-wound motors. However, the manufacturer found an elegant solution to that. It added a vented motor end cap and externally serviceable brushes. As a result, the motor gets a cooling system that prevents overheating.

One of the most impressive things about this winch is that while it does not have a high pulling capacity, the manufacturer chose to go for an all-metal housing and industrial planetary gearing. That makes the device more durable in rough conditions. Basically, it can withstand the abuse for many years to come.

The Warn 85330 utility winch comes with a 10-foot cord that can be hooked to a 120V AC outlet. It also has a corded remote switch, and the winching line is 43 feet long.

The bottom line is that the Warn 85330 utility winch is capable of delivering fast and smooth operation. It’s not that strong in terms of pulling capacity, but for light jobs, this small device is more than enough.

Best Warn Winches – Conclusion

I know this has been a bit too long. But what can you do when you have so many products from a single manufacturer? But one thing is for certain. If you take a look at all of them, you are bound to find a winch that best suits your needs.

Warn did this amazing thing in which it gathered all winch-related needs and decided to design and manufacture a winch for every single one of them. That way, all its customers are happy. Besides, if there is one thing for sure is that Warn quality actually means something.

The overall sentiment is that Warn creates some of the best winches on the market, and I have to agree. They use the latest technology, the construction is close to flawless, and you’ll always get what you need. Not to mention that Warn winches are built to last. Buy one now, and you’ll enjoy it for many years to come.

Updated on January 16, 2023