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If you wish to own a healthy and flourishing garden, maintain a healthy grass field, or make your lawn look the best it can, you might want to consider using an ATV fertilizer spreader. To know more about this helpful gardening machine, please continue reading below.

What is an ATV Fertilizer Spreader?

An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) fertilizer spreader is the equipment used by many homeowners to evenly distribute fertilizer, grass seeds, weed killer, salt, and other products to their lawns. This versatile equipment does not only help keep your lawn/garden healthy at all times. It also prevents all bad elements on your garden or lawn such as harmful insects, weeds, plant diseases, uneven feeding, and uneven application of fertilizer. 

How does it work?

ATV Fertilizer spreader

The basic operating principle of an ATV fertilizer spreader is actually simple. A large material hopper is purposely placed at the top of a horizontal spinning disk. Most hoppers are made of plastic, stainless steel, and painted steel. Attached to this disk is a series of three or four fins that throw the fertilizer (or other products) out of the hopper and away from the spreader. 

Some ATV seed spreaders have built-in directional fins that control the direction of the fertilizer and other products that are thrown from the equipment. But all ATV fertilizer spreaders need the power to operate the spinning disk, with a few exceptions. A general spreader can also spread seeds without any issues. 

What are the benefits of ATV fertilizer spreaders?

Owning a fertilizer spreader can be costly to some homeowners. However, this can be a good home investment. If you aren’t yet convinced, check out these helpful benefits of this product:

  • Even the distribution of gardening/lawn products
  • Manual fertilization or applying fertilization by hand often results in uneven distribution of fertilizer. This can also result in burnt and bare patches especially when products are applied in concentrated amounts. An ATV fertilizer spreader helps prevent these problems and makes product application more effective. 
  • Prevents plant/grass diseases and infestations
  • Plant diseases and pest infestations result from the uneven application of fertilizer and other lawn/gardening products. An ATV fertilizer spreader helps prevent these problems and keeps your lawn healthy at all times.
  • Increases production yield
  • Climate change and other natural phenomena have a huge impact on yield production. Nowadays, many farmers are investing in ATV fertilizer spreaders to increase their production and sustain their community’s growing needs. 
  • Makes work easier
  • Applying fertilizer and other products by hand often takes a longer time to finish compared to using a spreader. A fertilizer spreader does not only make the work easier; it also helps landowners be more independent and much more satisfied.
  • Maintains healthy soil
  • Farmers who practice manual soil fertilization create harm to the soil due to the uneven spreading of fertilizer. With ATV fertilizer spreaders, farmers can ensure better yield production without harming the soil. Fertilizer spreaders are a helpful tool in precision farming or the practice of applying exact or definite soil products. 

How to properly use an ATV fertilizer spreader?

Follow these tips:

  • Check the manufacturer’s manual or instructions.
  • Set the fertilizer spreader according to the recommended manufacturer’s spread rate.
  • Test the machine and how far this disperses fertilizer and other garden/lawn products.
  • Fill the hopper with the right amount of fertilizer (and other products). Make sure this protects your plants/grass from unwanted fertilizer spills.
  • Start walking at a normal, steady pace. Make sure you are not too fast or too slow.
  • Check and close the flow lever when you make a sudden turn or stop to ensure equal distribution of the product.
  • Wear a face mask, gloves, and other protective gear before using the machine. 

If you think an ATV fertilizer spreader is beneficial for gardening/lawn equipment, consider investing in this machine. Hope this article helps. Good luck with your gardening journey and don’t forget to check the tiller attachments!

Updated on March 7, 2023

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