The ATV Sprayer: A Gardener’s Best Friend!

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ATV sprayer mounted in the back

Sometimes, taking care of your lawn can be a cumbersome business. You have to spray your lawn with herbicides and insecticides a few times a year to protect them from pests. If you have a vast lawn or farmland, an ATV sprayer can help you do your job faster and more effortlessly.

Features to determine the right ATV sprayers

ATV sprayers have been one of the farmers’ ideal tools for quite some time. However, there are numerous options for ATV sprayers that are in the market-Some good and others bad. Many farmers have wasted their money by buying inferior-quality sprayers. In this article, we shall have a thorough overview of tips on how to purchase high-quality ATV sprayers.

Sprayer’s capacity

ATV sprayers are commonly available in two sizes-15 gallons and 25 gallons. Also, some manufacturers make sprayers with a capacity of 26 gallons. If you have a vast area of land, finding the best ATV sprayer is a must. It is also ideal for those small golf courts.

You should also weigh the warranty period and terms of the sprayer. High-quality sprayers have more extended warranty periods.

ATV Sprayer’s Reviews left by other people

Read product reviews before purchasing. The best way to get them is from the internet. Online stores provide reviews and testimonials from buyers. They also offer expert advice. These will adequately guide you in selecting the type of sprayer that best suits you.

Consider the diameter of the sprayer funnel as well. Be sure to get a sprayer that has a broader funnel diameter to ease the pouring of chemicals into the tank. A wide funnel also makes the container easier to clean.

The length of the wand and the hose is essential too. Go for a sprayer that has a long rod and long tubing because it is more convenient to work with, especially when you have a vast area of land. Additionally, you can use extensions to extend the spraying range.

It is highly recommendable that you go for a sprayer equipped with many accessories. Accessories will help make your work easier. Having numerous accessories can save you cash because you won’t have to purchase additional accessories later.

Carefully find out what material the tank is made of. A polyethylene material tank is highly endorsed because the material can easily resist corrosion. Additionally, this material can hold strong chemicals without reacting.

Frequency of use

A more durable sprayer is required when spraying is done weekly than when it is done once or twice yearly.

The size of your ATV. It is essential to know the size of the ATV you own and how you want the ATV sprayer mounted. You may go for sprayers that attach to the back of the ATV or small-sized tow-behind trailer sprayers.

The chemical type and weed species. Understanding weed species helps you determine what amount of pressure will be required of a pump and nozzle and the spray wand and boom. The pump and the general plumbing must have the necessary qualities to keep them from corrosion. Know which chemicals you will use with your sprayer. Some chemicals are highly corrosive. Sprayers with durable accessories tend to stand against corrosive chemicals.

Updated on March 7, 2023

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