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Attaching a trailer to your all-terrain vehicle can enhance your ATV’s ability to haul luggage and equipment. However, you cannot use a trailer without a proper hitch to link it to your ride. This is where an ATV trailer hitch comes into the picture. This article will talk about everything you need to know about a trailer hitch, from how it functions to how you can get the right one for your ATV. 

Types of hitches for ATVs

A trailer hitch serves as the unit that links the vehicle and the trailer together. Without the right hitch for your ATV, your vehicle will not be able to tow the trailer. Generally speaking, a hitch has a simple construction, with one end connecting to the end of your vehicle (in this case, your ATV) and the other end serving as the connection to the trailer.

There are different types of hitches available, depending on the construction being used. 

Hitch pin

This type of hitch is best designed for light-duty towing. It has a very simple structure and is very inexpensive, making it a great option for those who are into hauling light-duty equipment. This hitch works by using a plate that is bolted into the ATV, with the hitch being fastened by a pin (or a set of pins). 

Ball hitch

This is one of the more common hitches being used for ATVs. It is structurally stronger than the hitch pin, allowing it to be used at higher speeds and for hauling heavier weights. The ball joint is mounted into the trailer, providing a secure fit for most driving conditions. A hitch adaptor or a drawbar extension can be also used to extend the distance between your ride and the trailer. 

Hook and eye hitch

This type is more expensive compared to other types of trailer hitch, but it more than makes up for it with a more stable linkage. These hitches can be used for hauling heavier loads, so this is a smart addition for those who use ATVs to carry around heavy loads. Also known as the pintle hitch, it also allows for more freedom of motion.

Articulated hitch

This type of hitch is considered the most ideal type of hitch for off-road hauling. This type of hitch works using a 3-axis motion. Not only does this hitch work well for hauling heavy trailers, but it is also stable enough to be used even in off-road terrains. As a testament to its stability, some have tested articulating hitches, and the trailer stays attached even after flipping!  

Why is it important to have the proper hitch?

Given the important role of the trailer hitch, it is important that you pick the right hitch for your needs. Determine what kind of items you will be hauling for your hitch, then pick the right hitch design for your needs. Make sure that the hitch itself is made using high-quality materials. Accept no less than heavy gauge steel for trailers. You also have to make sure that you purchase a hitch that is compatible with your ATV. Lastly, when using your hitch, make sure to follow properly the instructions for using it. 

Those are some of the most basic things you need to know about the ATV trailer hitch. 

Updated on December 30, 2022

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