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UWS Toolboxes

UWS is the leading truck tools and accessories manufacturer in the world. They are part of the CURT Group. Customers love them. The quality of their toolboxes is unbeatable.

WeatherGuard Toolboxes

WeatherGuard is also a great brand, really high quality. Their offer includes racks, cabinets, drawer units, truck boxes for utility vehicles, and vans. It will satisfy clients with any of their products.

DeeZee Toolboxes

Dee Zee toolboxes are good quality, and worth buying. We consider their products to be durable and qualitative. Their products have different designs that will suit your taste.

The main advantage of installing one on your truck is that it protects the tools from rain, snow, or dust. Being organized by storing the tools in a box also makes sense from the business point of view. There’s no need to lose time searching or going after a particular tool or accessory when you can store them in a locked box.

If you don’t have enough space to put all your tools, the very first thing that might come to mind is to throw them in the back of the truck. But, by putting them in the truck’s bed, we expose the tools to several elements that are hardly safe for them.

Factors to consider before buying a truck toolbox

Before deciding on a brand or style, you should make a list of the required features you need. Every contractor is different.

The number of tools that can fit in the toolbox

A toolbox is limited in the number of tools it can store. Before deciding on a model you should count how many tools do you own and need. If you don’t consider the space available, you’ll be in a world of issues.

How Often Do You Use Certain Tools?

Each contractor has tools that he barely uses. You don’t need to buy a bigger toolbox to store rarely used tools. Take into account only the daily required tools.

Who Uses a Truck ToolBox

Toolboxes are aimed at construction workers, truck drivers, and SUV drivers. People typically store their fishing, hunting, or even camping tools. But, any person who needs to store tools and accessories, could be a farmer and still need a toolbox.

Why You Need to Mount a Toolbox On Your Truck

It is crucial to use truck toolboxes to stay organized and safe. It is very irritating to work in a place and the tools be placed all over. The risk of forgetting a particular tool increases when the tools are not stored in the same place.

Using a toolbox mounted on the truck, you’ll never waste time searching for your working tools when you need them. Your working tools must be stored according to their usage.

It is also good news that a single toolbox will not occupy a more extensive space of your SUV or truck. It only needs a portion of the pickup’s bed. It will keep the whole space available in case you want to put some of your things when you want to get back home from work. In the open space in the back of your SUV or truck, you can store other stuff. You want to store it there without worrying that they will break your working tools.

Different toolboxes come up with various accessories, such as shelves or rolling drawers. Because of this, there’s a designed place for each tool. If you have a considerable amount of working tools, you can buy one that has a broader compartment.

Storing small accessories like drills, and bits it’s also easy. Most toolboxes come with trays designed for small objects.

The security a toolbox provides

We all know that the tools are expensive. Toolboxes offer the best protection. Dust will not get into the tools and ruin them.

Letting all the working tools scattered in the back part of your vehicle will not protect them from being damaged. For instance, if you leave them inside the truck, you are not 100% sure if they will still be inside tomorrow.

The best protection you can give to your working tools is to store them in one truck toolbox. Once it’s padlocked, you are 100% sure that they are safe from the eyes of thieves. Additionally, a toolbox can be secured with a lock. No person can lift it or remove it from the pickup truck.

Protection Against the Weather

Most tools metal or other materials vulnerable to weather. One of the most common tools is a drill driver. Almost any contractor owns one. No matter if you are a plumber, carpenter, or roofer, you own one. Nothing can ruin a drill driver more than rain. Rain will destroy the electronics and rust the metal components inside. Why buy another drill driver when you can store it in a moist-free environment?

They designed toolboxes to keep tools safe from the weather. Tools are safe from extreme temperatures, rain, or sunlight. Did you know that sun rays make plastic brittle?

Buying plastic truck toolboxes

Basically, a truck toolbox is a box where you can store objects. We can lock it to prevent someone from stealing the objects stored inside.

Usually, it is installed on a truck/pickup or even an SUV. The location can differ. Toolboxes come in different mounting styles. They are designed to fit perfectly after installation. Before buying one, choose the specific size that will perfectly suit the back part of your truck model.

They are usually made from 2 main materials, plastic or metal. Most common metal toolboxes are made from stainless steel or aluminum. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, plastic ones are cheaper and lightweight, but less durable.

The best compromise is one made from aluminum. It weighs less than steel and more than plastic. Most clients choose this material above all others.

Types of Truck Toolboxes

Truck Side Mount Toolbox

Buyers are limited to where they can install it. It can be installed only on the left or right side of the truck. It extends downwards to the bed area, restricting in any way the vehicle’s floor. If you want one that can be placed next to your vehicle and can be accessed quickly, you can consider this truck toolbox.

Truck Crossover Toolboxes

It can be installed at the back of the vehicle. Crossover toolboxes expand through the whole width of the truck. Additionally, it can expand through the sides of the vehicle’s bed. Installing it on the sides it will not touch the vehicle’s floor. You can place this kind of toolbox on the pickup bed rails. Installation is simple and easy.

Truck Top Mount Toolboxes

This top-mount truck toolbox is in each corner of the bed rails. It can expand its storage space upward. It will occupy only a tiny space and is easily accessible. The main disadvantage is back window visibility. It restricts the view when backing up because of blind spots.

Truck Chest Toolbox

You can install chest truck toolboxes behind the bed’s floor. This is a kind of truck toolbox suitable to put undercover. The main advantage is the visibility, such as zero obstruction of the view when backing up. But this will limit the usage of the spaces on your floor.

Truck Wheel Well Toolbox

The wheel well type of toolbox is tall and narrow. You can put this kind of toolbox on your pickup bed’s floor and will occupy some spaces of your wheel well humps. For the driver to access this toolbox easily, they design some of these to swing on a hinge.

Truck Storage Drawers Toolbox

Storage drawers and toolboxes will occupy all the spaces on your vehicle’s floor. It has a flat horizontal roof that will serve as the replacement of your loading floor. Some sliding drawers are being placed in between the upper and lower areas. But this kind of toolbox has a smaller storage space because of its height. But aside from that, this is the truck toolboxes that can lessen the barrier of your viewing.

Installing a truck bed toolbox

The first thing you need to know is where you’ll mount it. Almost all toolboxes come with an installation guide to make the process simple and safe. After reading the manual, you need to secure the toolbox in place. Think hard about where you’ll be putting the toolbox and keep in mind that you need to access it easily and quickly.

Updated on January 16, 2023