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UWS is the leading company as they supply and manufacture truck accessories and storage carriers. Usually, UWS toolboxes are made using high-quality aluminum. UWS builds reliable and strong storage solutions meant for professionals and contractors.

The offer includes a broad range of products:

  • Liquid transfer cases
  • truck bed toolboxes
  • trailer boxes
  • and dog boxes
  • Mainly, they offer storage solutions for any kind of truck or pickup.

UWS Tool Box Reviews

36-inch UWS Side-Mount Truck Toolbox

We all know how frustrating is to have your tools all over the truck bed. The 36-inch side-mount toolbox is suitable for easier access to their accessories and tools. It can be mounted over your truck or the vehicle’s wheel wells rather than putting it across the bed of the truck. Because of this, the 36-inch toolbox makes it easier to grab and organize your truck accessories and tools.

Easy access is the main feature of side-mount toolboxes. For crossover toolboxes, you need to be inside of the vehicle to get the desired tool.

For a wider storage space for tools and accessories, the side-mounted toolboxes can be combined with a crossover style. The side-mounted toolboxes have a smaller size compared to other toolboxes. Combining them is suitable for those drivers that have lots of tools and accessories.

The most important features of this model are:

  • quality diamond plate aluminum
  • unfinished and shiny look, suitable for any vehicles and trucks
  • side toolbox mounted style

63-inch UWS Black Low Profile Truck Toolbox

You’ll love having this toolbox on your truck because of the following features:

  • Built-in the USA
  • Has an insulated lid and stainless steel handles
  • Diamond plate aluminum with a black finish
  • Can fit mid-sized trucks
  • Have a wedge shape
  • Crossover style
  • Low profile

The 63-inch low-profile toolbox is a crossover type. It is meant for mid-sized trucks and pick-ups, not for large ones. It doesn’t come with lots of options but is very reliable. It’s better to have a low profile since the lid will not be an inconvenience when driving.

This toolbox is a popular model among professionals. It differs from other mid-sized crossover toolboxes. It was specifically designed for optimum storage and space.

They taper the edges of this toolbox inward. As a result, the storage is less when we compare it with other models. Less storage space is a compromise because of how mid-sized trucks are built.

The 63-inch crossover toolbox comes with two built-in trays. The treys can be used to organize tools and any other tiny things.

69-inch UWS Black Low Profile Truck Toolbox

The 69-inch black low-profile toolbox has the following features:

  • it is suitable for all full-sized vehicles or trucks
  • stainless steel and handles
  • quality diamond plate aluminum
  • black steel finish
  • crossover style, and
  • low profile
  • made in the USA

We see this crossover-type toolbox in most trucks. We mount the 69-Inch toolbox in the bed rails. It can be installed on trucks and pickups to extend the truck’s bed width.

Before buying this crossover toolbox you need to measure the truck’s bed rails height. You need to be sure that it will not touch the floor of the truck. This toolbox is mostly used to store longer and wider materials like lumber.

For extra storage, it comes with 2 built-in trays. The trails allow for a better organization of smaller tools and accessories. They include a screwdriver as an add-on.

69-inch UWS Black Low Profile Truck Toolbox

This deep crossover toolbox usually has a price of $399.99. We can buy it from multiple providers, like Amazon. The toolbox contains a single lid. It is built using 0.063 inches of aluminum. The box of 69-inch deep crossover toolbox is made up without any welds. The lid of this crossover toolbox can open up to 90 degrees for easy access.

When buying this 69-inch deep crossover toolbox, it will come up with a screwdriver and two built-in tool trays. You can use the trails to organize smaller accessories. It also has a sliding three-compartment tray that will make it easy to sort and organize really small tools and accessories.

It can be installed on the following vehicle brands:

  • Ford
  • Dodge
  • Chevrolet

48-inch UWS Side Mount Truck Toolbox

You can buy this 48-inch side mount toolbox on Amazon and other stores near your place. It’s a cheaper toolbox, the price being only $229.99. It comes in 5 different sizes. That makes it suitable for all different trucks and pickups.

It has insulated lids. They are harder and can open up to 90 degrees. It will allow you to put lots of heavy and large tools and accessories. This side-mount toolbox has sturdy leg brackets. It makes the process of maintenance more simple.

We can place this side-mount toolbox over the bed rails of the truck. The 48-inch toolbox will fit perfectly on any pickup truck. It can handle harsh conditions in the professional field. It comes with an independent latch and steel lock.

32-inch UWS ATV Toolbox

Until recently, I did not know you can install a toolbox on an ATV. This 32-inch toolbox is strictly for ATVs. It is available on Amazon and any other stores at a price of $169.99. ATV toolboxes are not heavy. The built quality makes it durable and weather tight. If you need to store tools and accessories on an ATV, it’s the only choice.

The convenience it gives is great, install this toolbox on your ATV, and your tools will be protected from rain/snow. It can hold any outdoor stuff perfectly.

It has a tougher build so you to take it whenever and wherever you go. The lid opening has a range of about 90 degrees, it will allow you to store bulky and large items. It also contains an independent latch and steel lock.

72-inch UWS Double-Door Topside Truck Toolbox

This is the kind of toolbox that perfectly suits any truck while adding some space for storage. It will also keep your tools and accessories protected, accessible, and safe. The installation process is simple, it mounts on the bed rails of the truck. As a result, you’ll have a wider space for storing stuff.

It’s built with an extra-thick aluminum sheet. It has steel cables that comprise aircraft-grade stainless steel. Similar to the other toolboxes created by UWS, they also make this in the USA. Keep in mind that this toolbox is very heavy so check the delivery price through parcel shipment.

60-inch UWS Single-Door Truck Toolbox

The main features of this 60-inch single-door topside truck toolbox:

  • It is easy to place it on the bed rails. It offers easy access to tools stored in it.
  • they make Its body from a single sheet of aluminum. It can hold larger and big tools and equipment than other toolboxes.
  • The door is supported by a steel cable that is graded for aircraft.
  • Loading tools and accessories are easy due to the 90-degree opening of the door.
  • It has a T-handle lock that will provide convenient access and storage.
  • It has a gasket that seals the toolbox from dirt, dust, and moisture.
  • It is made in the United States of America (USA.)
  • It has several sizes of boxes that are meant for several sizes of tools and equipment.

Keep in mind that this type of toolbox is heavy when packed and shipped through parcel shipping.

Jobox Full-size Deep Truck Box

The Jobox Full-Sized Deep Truck Box has the following features:

  • The main material used in creating this full-size deep truck box is aluminum
  • It’s finished with a powder paint
  • Has 4 sliding tray compartments for extra storage
  • It has a rigid structural lid that enhances its durability.

What makes this toolbox special is the weight. Being made of aluminum, this toolbox is easier than the ones offered by competitors. Because of the quality built and features, your tools and equipment will be in a locked up, secure, and dry place. The lid of the toolbox is very durable, lasting for years. The lid of this truck toolbox is meant to resist impacts with the help of several aluminum layers, foam, and rigid members.

The locking structure is one of the best features of this toolbox. When you open the door, a spring helps the lid to open and close with ease. This toolbox is drama-free, nothing can break it.

What makes UWS Toolboxes great?

UWS is part of the CURT Group. CURT Group specializes in manufacturing different truck accessories and parts. The group focuses on distribution, engineering, and manufacturing supplies and truck accessories. The offer ranges from commercial trucks to passenger vehicles.

Several brands are part of the CURT Group:

  • UWS

The CURT Group is huge, having sellers and resellers all over the world. They manufacture the products in Florida, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. 12 warehouses in Canada and the United States of America make distributing truck accessories an easy task.

UWS holds the number one position in our best truck toolbox rank because of the good built quality. UWS’s goal is to be the leader in the industry by keeping in mind that their customers are their big bosses. The main competitors are Dee Zee and WeatherGuard.

Conclusion & Installation of UWS toolbox

To sum it up, UWS is one of the several brands under the CURT Group. They manufacture high-quality toolboxes, being built in the USA. The warranty assures its customers that its products are with high-quality parts—lots of different models and price ranges, suitable for all kinds of clients.

UWS is the leading company, they supply high-quality toolboxes, and equipment.

If you want to have a high-quality truck toolbox, purchasing one from UWS will be your best choice. So what are you waiting on?

Updated on January 16, 2023