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WeatherGuard Toolbox Reviews

71-inch WeatherGuard Crossover Black Truck Tool Box

This WeatherGuard crossover toolbox is one of the best available for sale at this time. When you buy it, the toolbox comes with a sliding tray for storing and organizing small tools and equipment. The sliding tray is also detachable for extra space. It also comes up with a built-in level holder that you can place on the back part of your truck. The level holder protects glass tools against breaking. You can get separate a set of stainless steel loops. Attaching both ends to the toolbox will add extra safety against force.

Main features:

  • Made up of high-quality diamond plate aluminum
  • Metallic or shiny black finish
  • Single lid and crossover style
  • Suitable for full-sized vans and trucks
  • Lifetime warranty

71 Inch WeatherGuard Truck Low Profile Truck Toolbox

Main features of the 71-inch Low Profile Toolbox:

  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Metallic or shiny black finish
  • Quality aluminum construction
  • Low profile style
  • Can fit full-sized vans and trucks

This 71-inch WeatherGuard toolbox was voted as one of the best low-profile toolboxes. This toolbox is really common, most truck owners prefer this style. It is because this toolbox does not block back window visibility. Just like a crossover style, we can place it on the truck bed rails and can expand the width of the truck.

Ford F150 is one of the trucks that this 71 Inch Low profile can be fitted in. Some companies that manufacture and supply toolboxes offer a plastic tray, but WeatherGuard provides a steel one. It also comes up with a level holder that will make your tools and equipment safer.

66 Inch WeatherGuard Low Profile Truck Toolbox

The next toolbox model in our list is this 66 Inch Low Profile. Here are its main features of it:

  • High-quality aluminum diamond plate
  • Weatherproof and dust-proof
  • Low profile style
  • Suitable for mid-sized vans and trucks
  • Lifetime warranty

If you are looking for a toolbox that can fit mid-sized vans and trucks, well this 66-inch low profile is for you. Usually, it’s hard to find a toolbox that can fit mid-sized trucks and vans. Not with this toolbox, it will give you a small space for storing your truck tools and equipment. The smaller storage space it’s because of the shape. Despite the small storing space, you can still get high-quality materials and excellent durability from this model.

It comes with a single lid that will keep your tools and equipment protected. It installs on the truck bed rails and can span to full bed width. The shape of this model can fit the shape of your wheel wells and can fit up to smaller-sized trucks and vans. This 66-inch WeatherGuard toolbox comes up with a small metal tray. It will separate the spaces inside the toolbox for better organization of small objects.

47 & 62-inch WeatherGuard Chest Truck Toolbox

Main features of these two toolboxes:

  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Made up of high-quality and thick aluminum
  • You can use this model with a canopy or tonneau covers.
  • It can fit both mid-sized and full-size trucks and vans.

These toolboxes are for mid and full-sized trucks. It can come in different styles, such as a low profile or a crossover that spans the full width of the truck’s bed. Another style comes as the chest toolbox. It usually is installed inside the truck rather than placing it on the bed rails.

We consider this a unique toolbox that has many drawbacks but also benefits. Depending on the truck’s bed height, it will be more useful if you will use a 47 and 62-inch chest toolbox. You can use it with a canopy or tonneau cover.

Installation usually requires drilling a few holes in the truck’s bed. If you are ok with drilling your truck, then this chest toolbox will be perfect for you. If needed, it can be easily removed and installed in another truck space. Chest-type toolboxes are not designed with a purpose in mind. We can adapt them to fulfill any need. As an add-on, the toolbox comes with a metal tray. The tray is used to separate small or distinct objects.

History of WeatherGuard making truck toolboxes

WeatherGuard is owned by WarnerCo. They mainly produce and sell truck toolboxes and different tools and accessories for pickup trucks. The offer includes:

  • racks
  • cabinets
  • shelving
  • drawer units
  • truck boxes for utility vehicles, vans, and trucks.
  • floor mats
  • fuel tank combo

The main reason for owning a toolbox is the convenience it provides. You can easily organize your truck or van. An organized truck means a broader range of productivity. Also, the tools stored in a toolbox are safe in place, guarded against the weather and break-ins.

WeatherGuard appeared in 1960 and is headquartered in Crystal Lake, Illinois. As time goes by, WeatherGuard improved its locations and as well as the space for its company. Yet, the quality of their products and services is the same as high-quality as before. This is the main reason why many trucks and van owners love their products. Even though the price of the products is expensive, it will be worthy it. They are made up of high-quality materials and manufactured by their experts. 

If you are a professional worker, you know how difficult it is to store so many accessories and tools. If it rains on a drill or any other battery-powered tool, then that tool breaks. It becomes useless. Having a safe box that will stop water and dust from going in, it’s the best option. Luckily, WeatherGuard makes many toolboxes for any kind of business.

Conclusion & Installation for WeatherGuard Toolboxes

To sum it up, WeatherGuard is one of the leading companies in toolbox manufacturing. They offer some of the best and most high-quality tool chests and toolboxes. The range of toolboxes is diverse, no matter your need, you’ll find one that fits you.

Even though the toolboxes manufactured by WeatherGuard are expensive, they are worth it. A good toolbox like the ones from above, you’ll have them for life. Usually, a good product is more expensive. A lot more research and development goes into building these toolboxes. This is the reason why WeatherGuard toolboxes are more expensive than those from UWS or Dee Zee. The quality is top-notch. The cheaper toolboxes will break in a few years of usage.

Updated on January 16, 2023